I made this blog Joycentricity back in December 09, 2014. But I'll get into more of that here. I am a dreamer that sometimes, I forget to actually do the things I need to in order to achieve that dream. I live on hope, even just a little bit that everything would turn out how I wanted it to be. I have high expectations on everything that is a good and a bad thing. For one, if the situation is something that I could control, I would do everything that I can to make anything possible. What's probably bad about it is the fact that I get very disappointed often from things I should've known I can't have. Although, I firmly believe if you aim it right, it'll hit eventually, just need to keep looking forward. The disappointment isn't my enemy, my only enemy is myself on being better than what I used to be.

I have this passion for art, not deep enough that I'd be in peace and understand every single piece at a museum though. Just enough that I'm thriving to be a perfectionist about what I do. I can't help it, I like everything pretty! It's a thing that I get mistaken for as an artist in disguise. I'm really not though, I think I just like to put everything infront of me and arrange them to how I would like to see it. It's a bonus if everyone else likes seeing it that way too. If you check my gallery on my phone, besides the horrible amount of selfies, you'd see all these clutter of things that I think would work together, something that I think would make a good story all on it's own. 
On a personal note, I'm a 20-something little lady (5'1" in height). I have an older brother who's name is Bryan, he has been diagnosed with autism since the age of 7, honestly, he is really cute and loving, very much like a people person eventhough he has problems with his speech. He has this talent of remembering each movie that he watched or read about on what year was it made, released, the actors in it and even who produced the movie.

I spend my time going out with my brother, playing with my makeup, surfing the net or reading blogs, watching TV shows or movies on my laptop or gaming. I'm secretly very competitive with almost anyone on anything since I believe that I can do anything if I really put my mind into it.

I like talking alot, like full-on rambling all day. It sometimes annoy people that I don't shut up. I honestly don't know where I get most of my life experience stories since I rarely go out of the house other than going out with my brother or doing errands. I think maybe it's because I'm pretty observant that even the littlest things bother me or make me smile. But eventhough I'm like that, I'm a really deep person. You'll probably notice that on the songs I listen to, the books I read and the movies that I watch. I feel that everything or everyone should have their own description rather than just "really good" or "pretty". It would take a moment to think of one, but a moment is all you need to give your full attention onto someone or something.

I'm very sentimental, not just on objects but to people to. I value everyone who has been a part of my life that helped me alot to become the better me or who I am today. I cut out the toxic people in my life a long time ago which I'm really thankful for and encourage everyone to do.

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I tried really hard not to sound too "in-to myself" but like I said, I like rambling and hope that this has been informative if you'd like to know more about me. If not (which I salute you for by the way), then I recommend checking out these blog posts that I did that has bits and pieces about me on each one:


  1. You have such a beautiful site. The little snow flakes are so cute and I love how you talk about your life and your brother. I would love to read more about your views. It sounds pretty amazing to me that you also love to think more deeply about people and things. I feel very similar about art and what it means in my life. And I also like to ramble a lot. Who not, when it is important from time to time? Besides, I often wish to express myself well so people and so people can understand the why behind my feelings and thoughts. Kind regards, Butterfly

  2. @Butterfly Mentions:
    I really am loving your name btw. Much appreciated compliments! The snow flakes, I'm deciding if I want them in permanently because I really did just plan them to be a Christmas-y or winter-y decoration for the blog xD. A good old ramble isn't bad from time to time now isn't it? xD Just proves that we're in the right industry :D

    Hope to see you around!

  3. Wow you are so pretty! :) It's nice to see such a young blogger like you! :)

  4. @Phoemela Ponce Thank you! I'm in my early 20's now so I still have that "youth" in me and I'm practically a kid at heart xD


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