I made this blog, Joycentricity back in December 09, 2014. It's first name was miss-joyce or something like that which I eventually changed to Joycentricity. It is a combination of my name and the word "centricity" which is a noun form of "centric" meaning situated at the center. I wanted it to be personal but still be able to share content on what I do know or learned from my experiences. 

It was a rainy night and I had some things that have been bothering me alot that year that I decided to finally release all the tension by coming back to blogging. And yes, coming back meaning I used to blog years ago but decided to stop due to some life circumstances that prevented me from doing so. It wasn't really much but my own personal blog and no, I will not link it because it was a blog I made when I was 12, 13-ish and honestly, it haunts me that I can't remember my login to delete it from it's existence.

Joycentricity is a blog where I review products that I buy, mostly beauty products, where I put together some tips that I think would be beneficial to everybody in any way. Practically a diary where I update about myself or share details that I'd want everybody to know in my life or experiences. Joycentricity is a place for me to share content that I would also like to remember and take note of, and a place where I wouldn't disappoint if I could help it.

I'm very passionate about blogging and surviving in the world of social media is harder than it looks, that's why until now I'm still learning from other bloggers and on my own while being able to share some of what I do know. You can view some of my tips or what I learned here.

For collaborations / advertisements, I recommend reading my disclosure policy before contacting me. Hope to work with you soon!

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