Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy Skin Express Gel Polish Review (Dreamer)

These days, I've been addicted to gel-like or gel-shine polishes. I don't really feel like getting actual gel polishes on my nails because from what other people told me, they cost a little bit more and requires a little bit more effort to maintain the polish and your natural nails as well. About a month ago, I found this at BeautyBar in Shangri-la and decided to test it out.

Price: PHP 249
2-in-1 base + color
No UV lamp needed

I actually feel bad that you guys are seeing my nails before I actually get it cleaned at the Salon, (I'll get it cleaned in 2 weeks or so I promise!).

Description Breakdown:

  • ✔  - First of all, I cannot compare this to an actual gel polish because I personally never tried it, but I would say, this product isn't exactly chip-resistant, but it does last longer than a regular nail polish on my nails. I chip my nail polish a day (or even in an hour sometimes) after I get it done or if I do it myself. I felt like this nail polish felt thick once it fully dried so it could last me a few more days than what a normal, drugstore polish would offer. There are some few chips here and there but it would usually be at small spots on my nails. The shine finish does last long on the nails even if it's been a few days since I applied this nail polish on it. 
  • ✖ - This really varies on how "quick" your quick is. For mine quick is like 15-20 minutes max. I often check my nails 15 minutes after I applied nail polish and for me, this polish did appear dry, but it still easily smudged when I lightly brushed it into a clothing piece or if I need to grab something, and it took me 30 minutes or so for this polish to really be dry on my nails even if I didn't put a thick layer on. Note that I didn't do anything special to get it to dry on my nails, I didn't use a UV lamp (because I don't own one and it doesn't need one as it claims), so I just let it air dry as I watch some youtube videos. This really doesn't have much difference with a regular drugstore nail polish in terms of drying speed for me. 
  • ✔ - I'm the type of person who has naturally weak nails, I break them almost every second of the day. I wouldn't say that my nails turned uber strong when I used this polish, but my nails did not feel as weak as it did when I didn't have this nail polish on. My nails felt like it kinda thickened and it doesn't bend as much, so most likely, it's due to the Hydrolyzed Keratin ingredient in this nail polish. 

Additional Notes:

The smell of it is pretty much the same as any other nail polish, although it isn't as strong or what I would call would stink up the room, you could only smell it if you lean really close on the product. The 1st layer is a little bit thin so I tend to put at least 2 layers on each nail. The finish is shiny that it resembles a gel polish finish. The stains on the skin left by the nail polish can easily be removed by putting some acetone on a cotton swab and lightly rubbing it on the skin around the nail. The removal of this polish on my nails doesn't need any special technique or whatsoever, just the regular cotton pad and acetone and it's gone. Overall the color and the finish does look great, I do like those two factors a lot.

Honestly, PHP 249 is a bit steep for a nail polish price if what you're considering is the overall nail polish look. This nail look could be achieved with a similar shade on a regular polish and a really shiny top coat. The thing that I am liking about this product is the Hydrolyzed Keratin ingredient added to it. Like I said I have weak nails that break on a daily basis, so I need all the help that I could get.

*I am in no way sponsored by any of the companies or brands mentioned. I am stating my own opinion based on how I observed my experience using the product. 


  1. This is so amazing!! I loved it

  2. Love the color and the finish!

  3. Hmm that's so interesting it has keratin in it! I think I need polishes like that!

    Enclothed Cognition

  4. I agree that it could probably be achieved with a regular polish and shiny top coat, but it still looks good! Love the color.

  5. So cool!

  6. Great post, I like it :)

    new post

  7. wow such a pretty post dear i love this color.. online shopping in pakistan

  8. Love this colour! It's the perfect shade of "greige"!
    April xx


  9. Great color babe

    xx LL

  10. I've got nails that easily break too so the Hydrolyzed Keratin sounds good!


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