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A 5-minute Facial Using Only 2 Products

In this day and age, living in it comes with a lot of demands such as school, playing catch-up with old friends, focusing on your mental health, trying to eat healthy, budgeting the money that sometimes isn't enough for everything and updating your social media accounts so your family won't miss you so much. A day isn't enough for everything, sometimes a week isn't as well. Doing the things I mentioned lacks parts that I often forget to do or really don't have the time doing anymore such as getting enough sleep, exercising, checking for new products like makeup or clothes at the mall, having time for a new hobby, doing my skin care routine on a daily basis or (what might've caused all of this:) managing my time. Plus the things outside that contribute to how our moods will go every day like the weather (harsh sunrays) and pollution.

Now, I'm not complaining, I'm very blessed to have a life where I am able to do all these things with the hours, days, weeks, months and years that I have because I'm still so young. But I'm also not gonna deny that it does take a toll on me, number one: on my skin.

First, my skin goes through phases wherein I'm really oily on my whole face, and then it switches to having an oily t-zone and very dry parts on my face. Not to mention I have sensitive skin and is very acne prone. Also, I'm one of those people who stresses out a lot. Whether we like it or not, it contributes a lot to achieving healthy and young looking skin. I'm not saying "young" too lightly, being young comes with a skin with an elasticity which helps the skin always looking good as new!

Not gonna lie, I love watching and blogging about my skin care routine, but like I said, I don't have the time nor the patience to do it every single day. I have searched high and low for amazing products. I've jumped on bandwagons for face masks and toners that didn't really work that good on me as everyone said it did on them. I just wanted products that I don't have to use every single day that would still make my skin look amazing. Just in time though, Fresh came out with their new products for their Lotus Youth Preserve line. They added in their Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask and their Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.

PS: My lips have been very dry these past few days and you'll likely see them here but I'm taking care of that now.

fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask Seaweed Radiance Facial

The very first thing I noticed once I opened the packaging was the scent. It smells so fresh (no pun intended) because of its natural ingredients. It consists of a blend of kombu seaweed, red algae, and lotus seeds that gently refines the skin's texture. Fresh also claims that this mask is a multi-benefit, 5-minute facial in a jar that rescues, revives and recovers tired and overstressed skin from daily stressors back to its radiant and youthful complexion. I mean, it sounds like everything that we could ask for right?

So, it's talked about that this product gives instant results. Based on Fresh's survey:
97% said it minimized the signs of daily stress, including dull, rough and dry skin.
97% said it preserved their youthful-looking complexion.
100% noticed it created a clean, smooth canvas.

On the back of the packaging, it says that you need to apply this on your face in circular motions and to let it work for 5 minutes.

The feeling that I experienced as I was applying this was first the scent was instantly relaxing. It helped a lot to make my mind chill as I was gently rubbing it on my face. It does sink into my skin quickly so I kinda use a lot of it. It also kinda tingles on my skin after applying but it would disappear in a few minutes so I just let my skin calm down before I apply more products after.

I would say that after I used it for a few times, it helped a lot on the dry parts on my face since it was kind of like a scrub because my face felt instantly softer after and made the dry patches disappear. This product also made my face feel so smooth and feel so clean. The cleanliness felt like it lasted the whole day even if I was out and about.

fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex

Okay, I expressed my love for the face mask, but this face cream, I love it just as much (maybe even more). I mainly use this as a moisturizer. I use this product a few days in a week after I use the face mask, cleanse and tone my skin or before I apply my makeup on. Even if I go a few days without using it and dry patches start to show on some parts on my face again, I just apply this and it moisturizes my skin which helps to get rid of the appearance of the dry patches on my face. My face just feels hydrated and soft for a long time in a day or two.

Usually, I apply moisturizers only at night because the weather in the Philippines makes my oily t-zone look oilier than usual, and sometimes the moisturizers I used contributes a lot to the oiliness. This product did not exaggerate the oiliness on my face, it is not sticky and is very lightweight. It also dries up on the face faster or rather, it sinks into my face quickly, sucking up all the moisture this product gives with ease. The oiliness on my face still shows but it doesn't look out of control or excessive.

Applying this face cream before I apply my makeup provides a smooth canvas for my foundation and concealer. It does not make my makeup look patchy and my skin still feels so soft and smooth even after I applied my full face of makeup. So basically, it is something that is perfect to use to prep my skin for makeup.

This face cream claims to minimize or reduce the early signs of aging and like the face mask, and it boosts the skin's radiance. Being at a time where I could really feel the stress of the day to day activities, it is good to have something that would at least help me to still look presentable whenever I need it so much. Using this helps my skin to kind of like repair itself from all the lack of sleep, sometimes not eating healthy food enough and stress. The only thing that this product didn't help me with were the red spots on my face. I think it was just how it was, it never turned redder as I was using this product nor did it get lighter.

Would I recommend?

You might have checked these products out while reading this, and I know that these may cost a lot of money but something that I learned and is still trying to apply in my life is to not be cheap with myself. Having to do and work with a lot of things deserves a reward or treatment by the end of the day. The reward not only has to be something that reminds you of your hard work but would also help you with taking things slow and relax for you to concentrate on yourself and nothing else. Taking care of yourself is the best thing that you could reward yourself with. As long as you could afford it, I would recommend for you to check these out.

Also, if you are for whatever reason finding a late mother's day gift like me, then this would be one of the perfect ones to give for your mom and you to have a pamper session together in the comfort of your own home. Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely and hardworking moms out there!

Disclosure: This was a collaboration with Sephora. I was not paid to say anything I mentioned about the products or the brands. Everything I wrote was based on my own experiences and what I found out from research on these products.


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