Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Birthday Tag!

It's my birthdaaaay!!! Well technically, yesterday was my birthday but I didn't manage to post this because I forgot and I was way to excited yesterday to actually do anything. 

So today, I will be doing the "Birthday Tag" which I am so excited about so I should probably start now....

1.) When is your birthday?
My birthday is August 5th 1994

2.) How old are you turning? (Or if your birthday recently passed, how old did you turn?)
I am now 21 years old!

3.) What was you're favorite present that you've ever received?The best present I ever received, 2 powerpuff girl talking dolls when I was around 7 on my birthday, I just remembered that I wanted those so bad and I already had blossom, so my parents gave me bubbles and buttercup. And also on my 19th birthday, My mom gave me a new phone.

4.) Are you/did you have a party this year? if so what are you doing?
Not exactly a party but just a small gathering with some really close people, super low-key.

5.) How do you usually celebrate your birthday?
I usually celebrate my birthday with my brother, going out watching the movies and then have a small gathering with my friends. Although, sometimes I do have a party.

6.) What was the most memorable birthday that you had?

All my birthdays are quite memorable but one that I never forgot was my 15th birthday, all I could say is it was CRAZY! Also in the gaming world, my 18th and 20th we had a ton of players just shouting it's my birthday which was really funny and felt like an actual celebration / gathering with people that I love.

7.) If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday

I would most likely go crazy on buying the things that I want and have a family trip, specifically my mom, my brother and me out of town.

8.) What's your birthday wish list?

My birthday wish list mostly consists of make up products but I am really wanting to build a house gym so some of my money are saved for that.

9.) If u only had one birthday left, what would u do for your birthday?

If I only had one birthday left, I would invite all of the people that actually means a lot to me and party all day and night. Just have fun and it would probably be in my house OR out of town.

10.) Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one

Ugh! These are the times I really wish I saved my photos from friendster, I had a TON there. But this one was from my 17th birthday, I'm sometimes embarrassed and cringe when I see myself on photos sitting like this all the time:

11.) do you have any birthday traditions?
I always must have cake and spagetti on the table. Even if I'm not actually celebrating, I just want to have the little things that represent it.

12.)what's your favorite part about your birthday?
My favorite part about my birthday is people actually listen to what you want and makes you feel so special. 

13.) whats one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday
My Birthday last year, I didn't celebrate because I was getting ready for my mom to arrive in the Philippines the next day, so I was pretty much just excited, the thing that changed a lot is probably me sharing more of my day where usually I keep my birthday hush hush.

14.) Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone?
I have never been thrown a surprise party but I did throw one for someone else before, and it always felt great!

And that has been my birthday tag, and now I tag all of you who are reading this, do your own birthday tag because why not? It's fun and another way of celebrating your birthday. Oh and before I forget, today is also the 2nd year anniversary of my house! I just love August, so many reasons to celebrate. And I will be posting some follow up birthday themed posts for awhile so stay tuned for that one! ♥

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!

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