Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One Month Smoke Free | What It Feels Like & How I Quitted Smoking.

OH YES! Today is finally the day when I am proud to say that I am 1 month smoke free, 1 month without the cigs and 1 month of my life being turned the way I wanted it to be. Of course, this is just the start so I will tell you how I managed to quit and how I am continuing to quit as time goes by.

The Symptoms or what most people think ex-smokers experience, Let's debunk it.

Snacking / Gaining weight.

Yes its true what they say about snacking quite alot or gaining weight once you stop smoking. For me, it has been snacking that I always feel the need to do. And because I was sick while I was quitting, I did have a huge appetite. Although, quitting to smoke had a huge part in it since I was finding other things to do especially when I'm just sitting down.

Stressed, Anxiety or Just completely snapping.

I hate to admit this but yes, it was pretty extreme for me. I had times where I would just completely be anxious all day and then I'd snap at somebody for no apparent reason and eventhough I know that I was in the wrong, I would not accept it and then that leads to even larger arguments. Lucky for me, I got over it and did my best to deflate the situation before it got out of control. After that, it never happened again except for little arguments here and there which are considered pretty normal.


There are times where I would wanna give in and just smoke but I think this is because I have the cravings whenever I do something that I used to do as I smoke. So, experiencing to do those things again without a cigarette in my hand was an adjustment. But honestly, it isn't that bad. Its like having the thought of wanting to have a drag but then once I focus on something else, I just immediately forget about it and go about my day. Not at all what I expected and I really thought that this would be my number 1 issue which surprisingly is not.

Not being able to sleep.

This I think depends on the person, because for me, I didn't really have problems with sleeping but it's the dreams that get to me. I have all sorts of weird dreams ever since I quit. And I had a couple of dreams where I was smoking and whenever I would wake up, I thought that I cheated but then I realize that I was just dreaming and was asleep the whole time. And no, I don't sleep walk and I didn't smell like smoke. That happened for awhile but not that often anymore.

The benefits I had with being smoke free.

I smell great.

I smelled fine before since I of course take showers and have a deep love for perfumes, but now, I don't smell like smoke. Being a smoker before, I never ever got used to the smell of smoke and really hated it. So I guess this is the best part of me not smoking anymore.

I don't spend alot anymore.

Seriously though, cigarette prices are crazy expensive. I don't even know how I managed to get myself some each day. But now, I find that I could use the money for other things.

I get to focus more.

Alot of the times as I was smoking, I used it as a distraction and a coping mechanism whenever I'm stressed. But now, I think that I am forced to just face it and get it over with. I feel that if I finish it or deal with the matter faster, then I wouldn't have to stress about it no matter the outcome. It is a practice for my anxiety too since it was getting quite bad awhile back.And hey, less procrastinating for me.

I feel that I have more time for other things.

I know that smoking only lasts about 2-5 minutes but I don't know why I feel that I have all this time in my hands and I can multitask and stuff. Maybe I'm bored or getting impatient with the fact that I'm not smoking, but I guess that 2-5 minutes of your day does make a difference. I don't notice it now though but during the first few days, it did felt like a long day.

I don't have to skip around the conversation of smoking.

Everytime I meet new people or even just in blogging, I always avoided the topic of smoking because I was not at all proud of it. I hated that I'm probably the only beauty blogger smoking (maybe not, but I do feel like it) or atleast, most of the girls that I know who are doing the same things and same age as me isn't smoking at all. It isn't really about the need to fit in, but I keep seeing and asking why did smoking became a necessity for me? Which eventually I accepted as another reason why I should quit because I couldn't find any other acceptable answer.

What alternatives did I do to get myself to quit smoking


I focused on what I want my blog to become, made all sorts of social media platforms just for it and also planning it all out like my posts, my photos and making good friends / connections with people sharing the same passion as me.

Going out alot

I really couldn't stay home long enough during the first week. I keep finding errands to do or people to go to which is hard and expensive (hello transportation fees). And explains why I had quite alot of hauls these past few posts.

I played alot with my looks

Especially with my hair. I know that any hair guru / stylist will cringe when I say this, but I bleached my hair for almost every week while I was quitting to smoke until I got the color that I wanted (which I still don't have at the moment) and will have to tone it to get it color corrected. Also, hairstyles like doing braids I never thought I could do and also experimenting with a new skin care routine, so if it works out well, I guess I'll be making skin care routine posts soon!

I did not use any smoking method / alternatives like the nicotine patch or candy and I think that it's working out quite fine. I have read about other people's experience while trying to quit and comparing it to mine, I'm thankful and admire those who are having a harder time but is still continuing to fight.

So that is it for my celebratory post and I do plan to never smoke again and hopefully I will be able to achieve it because I was in a very bad position when I started to smoke. It was all for the wrong reasons that I cannot believe that I let it get through me so bad and it wasn't just because I wanted to impress my friends, or be in the "in" crowd, it was a much deeper reason for me and I do not want that to continue to ruin me. One month of being smoke free is a huge deal for me because like what most people say, "it only takes 30 days to start a new habit". I admit that it doesn't get easier, for now I do have the cravings but they are quite mild that it often goes unnoticed. I'm proud of myself for trying my best and continuing to do so, not just for me but for the people around me. I'm happy that my friends and family understands and loves me even if I was a smoker and now an ex-smoker.

Also a side note, I do not have anything against smokers, I have friends that are smokers and still smokes even while I'm around which isn't a problem for me. If it did bother me, I would speak up. This is just a post to celebrate and also to remind me of a simple milestone that I worked hard for and also because I don't often see people go into too much detail about the experience which I think is pretty important as it is there to inspire other people who are going through the same thing you did. I didn't plan any rewards other than my own health which I am already satisfied. So thank you for reading and if you are also on your journey to quit smoking, do comment, message or tweet me if you have any more questions and remember that I am cheering for you! If I can do it, you can do it too. It is never too late.


  1. Well-written. Congratulations on quitting! I myself experienced the challenges of withdrawal when I quit smoking more than a year ago. Just keep it up!

    Ivan Jose

    1. Wow! Thanks and congratulations to you too! You too, stay strong always ♥

  2. Congratulations.. I had gone through that. Now it's been 2 years.. Keep going on.there will be a phase when you smoke in your dream at night. Just be strong. You are going to make it

    Read this got this

    1. Thanks and congratulations to you too! Yea the smoking in my dream was really weird but thankfully I haven't been experiencing it for awhile.

  3. Congratulations for being strong! :)


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