Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Dreamed That I Was Watching Myself Sleep.

For some reason most of my dreams (probably 8 out of 10 dreams I had) I was always aware that it was a dream. Although this one, it is quite different.

So at the start of my dream, I was having some fun moments that I honestly couldn't remember, all of a sudden everything went the opposite. People suddenly hated me and I was being attacked by something. That happened for a short amount of time until I reached my bedroom. And by reaching, I didn't mean walking into my bedroom, I teleported there. So I sat down and there I saw my body sleeping. I tried to walk away, I tried to talk but nothing was happening. I saw a cockroach beneath my feet and then I was aware that I was dreaming and I needed to wake up. I started panicking and tried to scream but nothing is happening. I could physically see myself sitting down next to my body as if I was another person watching somebody sleep. My vision then became blurry and I saw something coming beneath my feet (to my sleeping body) I'm not sure what that was but it look rusted. And then I woke up the same position that I had in my dream. I immediately sat up and looked at the time, it was around 3 to 4 am. 

I just shook it off and posted a status expecting it to just be a weird experience that I could laugh about. Although people's replies told me otherwise. They say that I experienced lucid dreaming.

I then googled what that meant and also googling my experience of being able to physically see myself sleeping in my bed. I then came across the term "out-of-body-experience". It is honestly real creepy and kind of cool at the same time. I'm still unsure of what just happened (or I'm probably in denial).

So have any of you guys experienced this before too? It did seem pretty new to me and I wouldn't say that this was the 1st time I had bad dreams but if I were to scale all my dreams that seemed realistic, then I would have to put this my top 1. 

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  1. This happened to me before, I was standing in my closet watching myself sleep, it was as if I was looking from someone else's eyes,and I was standing in the closet. One door was open and I could see myself sleeping. Then my cat walked in, she looked at me, the one sleeping in my bed, and started meowing loudly. I woke up and my closet door was open, and my cat was standing in front of my bed meowing just like she was in my dream. My cat was in heat at the time, so I just figured that I probably heard her in my sleep causing her to appear in my dream. I normally have pretty strange dreams, so I just figured that the watching myself sleep thing was another strange dream of mine, but what I couldn't explain was why my closet door was open. I always have kept my closet door closed, because I used to see weird things in the dark, and ever since I now think that what I saw when I was younger was just a dream. But I still always close my closet, it just became a habit of mine, so I knew for a fact it was closed before I went to sleep.


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