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Mini Haul: Benefit, Lush, Etude House & Forever 21!

Dear bro, thanks for taking this pic.
And understanding my vanity.

I just got home, with goodies from the mall! *Insert overjoyed greeting here*


So, I am going to make my 1st ever OFFICIAL "Mini Haul". A mini haul because I didn't really buy much but I am telling you, after buying all these stuff I feel like I bought too many already. 

Okay, so if you guys read my blog before this one, I mentioned that me and my brother went to the mall today. Yeap, we did go and bought his PSVita but what was unexpected was my little splurge. So without further ado let's get started!

Rustan's "Beauty" floor.
After buying my brother's PSVita at Datablitz at SM Megamall, we then went to Shangri-la so I could go and get some benefit cosmetics. To be honest, I could count with only 1 hand the times I shopped at Rustan's all because it intimidates me since I always see people who "look rich" going in and out of there and kind of made me think that Rustan's has pretty expensive stuff, in which case is yes its true. 

Okay so, when me and my brother went inside the beauty floor I thought I just saw heaven. Seriously, EVERYTHING is there like MAC, NARS, Channel, Dior, EVERYTHING! (Except for urban decay which I didn't actually notice if they have it or not.). We went straight to the benefit section because I was so excited and I was thankful that a really nice woman assisted me on picking the items I needed. 

A little disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Benefit or any brands that I will talk about here. This is not a review since I haven't tried the items yet except testing it before I bought it. I may or may not post reviews on these items in the future.

What I purchased at Benefit: 
It took me a few minutes trying different samples until I finally decided which ones I'm gonna get which are: the limited edition flawless four travel kit and the roller lash mascara.

Roller Lash by: Benefit
 Price in Philippine Peso : P1,300

Do I even need to explain why I considered making the roller lash to be one of my 1st purchases at benefit? 

From what I heard and watched, this is such an amazing mascara. They said that it does the job of the regular eye curlers (that is a pain in the ass inside my makeup bag I may add) while making it longer and makes the eyes look more wide open.

It has a plastic applicator which as a "beginner" on using mascara is quite common for me to encounter whenever I buy them. Well, from watching make-up gurus advice is that not all plastic applicators grab the eyelashes enough to give it a proper curl but then again I saw most of them now are loving this mascara so when I saw it I just got to have it in my makeup collection. 

Limited Edition: The Flawless Four Travel Kit.
Price in Philippine Peso: P1,300

This kit is actually the reason I really wanted to go to benefit. It has the Stay flawless 15-hour primer, Fakeup hydrating crease-control concealer, Hello flawless oxygen wow brightening makeup SPF 25 PA+++, Hello flawless custom powder cover-up and a little brush with benefit engraved in it all in tiny travel sized containers which is good for me because I really wanted to test all these out that it worried me it will cost so much, but with this it is a lot more cheaper and it won't go to waste.

I actually saw this kit at benefitbeautyph on instagram, for a moment after I saw it in person I was kinda worried that its too pricey because all of them are so tiny, but then I thought that its not like I'll be able to use all of these on one go and again, its a chance for me to try everything.

It's Lush Time!
Having to be used to just buying drugstore makeup and skin care items, it was quite a surprise that I finally invested more on these items that I would normally just roll my eyes on and move on because of how expensive they are. But I guess, there is a time for everything. Like me, all of a sudden caught myself walking into the lush store at Shangri-la!

Again, I am thankful that the ladies that assisted me are very nice, helpful and treated me like any other interested buyer on their products. I won't lie, the prices didn't actually surprise me. I don't know if its because I starting investing and being more open minded about these products that I realized that lush has practical prices on their items.None of which I am brave enough to buy yet but I am going to read and watch reviews about certain products that caught my eye. 

"Breath Of Fresh Air" Toner Water by: Lush

Price in Philippine Peso: P325

Oh yes, I couldn't help it. This toner caught my eye because 1st, let's be real: it is one of the cheapest ones I saw and I never had a toner that is "spray-on". Plus, I realized that after reading the ingredients, I actually managed to pronounce and know most of them which actually made me fee smart inside (sure Joyce, everyone would want to buy an item that makes them feel smart).

For real though, I did actually saw someone on youtube actually using this and she said it works great for her. I didn't go inside Lush aiming to see this item but when I did, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

There is just no question when you see me walk into an etude house stall, I absolutely LOVE their stuff! Most of my makeup are all from here like my BB cream, my eyebrow gel and pencil, my nails stuff and my face masks. 

I didn't really need to repurchase my makeup and nail colors because like what I'm aiming for, I want to be more adventurous on the makeup field so, I just went ahead and bought only my favorite face mask:

"Tea Tree" Face Mask by Etude House
Price in Philippine Peso: P58

I just started using this mask since January and until now, it never fails to pamper me. Besides from its great smell, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth for at least 3 days. 

I really love using this while I'm just laying down and having those I just wanna daydream moments. I honestly feel like I'm gonna fall asleep while having this on my face for 15 minutes. 

I might make a review about this item because I am just loving it so much!

UPDATE: My review for this mask is located HERE.

And I thought I just wanted to check out the makeup I was curious about..
Whenever I go to SM Megamall, I just have this habit that I'll go inside H&M and Forever 21 because most of my current favorite clothing pieces that I own are from there. I tried and failed to break this habit but then I needed wifi. For some reason, I can't connect to the wifi from any other location except inside forever 21 and I am not making this up, I just tried to go in to see if I'll get a signal and then when I did I started chatting with my mom while walking around the store and finding this super cute dress. 

"Short Black Dress" from Forever 21
Price in Philippine Peso: P1275

I just realized it may look abit creepy but my goodness, this dress is super cute when I put it on. I really couldn't resist not getting it. It was under the "California" section and it was the last one there. And yes, it's the one I'm wearing on the 1st photo up on this blog. 

I wasn't really a fan of the "peter pan" collar because whenever I try on clothing that has that collar, I look like I'm a little girl. I'm already small so making me wear things like this really doesn't flatter me although when I tried this on I just loved how it looked on me. Oh well, a first for everything once again. 

me and bro @J.CO

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's been a great shopping or splurging day for me and I do not regret buying these items, then again I have yet to try them all (except from the face mask since I use it all the time but you know what I mean.). 

I am currently munching on some doughnuts while editing this blog and I will probably regret eating so much later on but anyway....

I will now publish this and hope that you guys would also share and recommend me some items to try out because let's face it, I'm pretty much a newbie and would really appreciate your suggestions.

Until next blog!

Newly born on the peterpan collar club

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