Sunday, May 17, 2015

Product Empties [May 2015]

Welcome back everybody! Today I will be showing you the products that I managed to use until the very last drop. I have used some of them for a very long time and some, well I managed to finish them way too quickly. Am I thinking to repurchase them or not? We shall see...

Let's go to scents first shall we:

1st up, we have the DKNY (Donna Karan New York) be delicious "eau so intense" perfume. The size that I used is 1.7OZ. This was a gift from my mother I think April last year, so yea I've been holding onto this for a year now and managed to finish it already. 

Item Description: A refreshing scent in an iconic apple-shaped bottle tempts you to take a bite out of life. A sophisticated blend of apples, exotic flowers and woods creates a fresh, juicy scent that can only be called delicious. 

Price: Like what I said, this was a gift from my mother and I honestly have no clue how much the exact amount it costed her, so I went to their website and it says it is $68, about P3019.51 (PH peso) and not counting the shipping fee.

My thoughts on this product: Everytime I wear this perfume my friends tell me that I smell like its one of those colognes for kids but it has a unique scent that makes me smell really fresh and not the "showery-soap" kind. It doesn't really last me a whole day of wearing in because the scent fades althroughout the day.

Will I repurchase? 50-50, it is a good perfume but not really what I would pick up everytime I run out of it. If my mom decides to buy me another one then yes I would still be really happy. (Hi mom!)

Next is probably my 2nd favorite of every item here. This is "Fantasy" by: Britney Spears & Elizabeth Arden. If what I read was correct, this was the 2nd fragrance by Britney Spears back in 2005. The size of this one is 100 ml.I honestly have been using this perfume for a very long time that I couldn't remember when I got it.

Item Description: This is a love potion locked up in an attractive bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Price: Again, this was another gift from my mother and I am currently searching for the price and I keep seeing a toss between $59 and $54, so I honestly don't know.

My thoughts on this product: I love this so much! Everytime I wear this perfume I get a ton of compliments with people asking "Is that your perfume?" or "Is that you I smell?" and followed by questions like "What's your perfume?" or "Where did you get it?". Aside from compliments from other people, it is very comfortable for me to wear since the scent isn't too strong on the nose and it really sticks to me that it'll last for the whole day. Good for day to day use.

Will I repurchase? YES definitely, if my mom isn't gonna buy this for me again then I would really save up for it, it is worth it.

Heading onto shower products:

The "Olay natural white radiant fairness" body wash with mulberry extract & coconut oil. The size I used is 200 ml and this lasted me for I think 2 and a half months to finish. I received 2 of these during Christmas for our Christmas party here at our subdivision. 

Item description: I couldn't find the actual item desrciption for this item so I'll leave this one as it is.

Price: This was a gift for me and I am guessing that this item was a limited edition? I don't know but when I visit the olay website (the local and the international one), I couldn't find this item. However, I did see a local website that has this item for sale for P96.03 for the same size.

My thoughts on this product: I love the scent of it, but I couldn't really get myself to like this product. Maybe because I couldn't see that much of a change in my skin probably because I'm already pale looking. As for the "texture" or how it feels on my skin, nothing special really, It didn't actually make my skin feel smooth or anything, probably just the scent but I could say that it really doesn't last that long.

Will I repurchase? I'll probably try some other Olay products, but for this one, sorry nope I don't really like it.

Next one, The Herbal Essences "Hello hydration" moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for dry / damaged hair. The sizes for both of these are 160 ml each. I bought these around Mid-March and I just finally finished it yesterday. 

Item description: (Shampoo) Replenish your beautiful yet dry hair with my formula fused with essential moisturizers and orchid & coconut milk. It leaves hair silky and supple.
(Moisturizer) I'm deliciously moisturizing. Drink up and replenish your hair's much needed moisture. It's time to be reunited with silky, smooth hair. 

Price: P120 each from SM department store at SM Taytay.

My thoughts on this product: I was surprised that it actually did what it say it'll do. My hair had a great improvement from being "broom like" to now being super silky. The scent smells so good that I wanted to stay in the bathroom for a little longer just to enjoy it. I highly recommend this if you have dry hair.

Will I repurchase? Yes, but for now I want to try another product by them which is "color me happy" along with a combination of another brand. As for this shampoo and conditioner, yes I would repurchase in the future if I can't find anything better but for now I want to be adventurous. 

For the last ones, the cosmetics:

The Precious Mineral "All day strong" BB cream from Etude House. The size is 60g and has SPF 30, to be honest this has been with me for years which I know isn't suppose to be that way but I badly wanted to finish this because this was my 1st ever splurge on makeup. And It never really caused me to have allergies, acne or breakouts that are serious so I think its good.

Item Description: I think this product has phased out already since I can't find it in their website but they now do have new lines of BB creams.

Price: I remember buying this for about P780 more or less. But for me that was a splurge already being 16 years old and having school money to buy this product was really scary but I wanted to try it. 

My thoughts on this product: This BB cream is for that effect where your face looks like it's glowing, not the oily kind or the glittery kind but it looks flawless. Its really good to have it on the face for about 2-3 hours but any more than that, the product becomes cake-y and if you have oily skin it will not flatter you since it already gives the glowing effect you will look like you sweated so much. And I am sure that this isn't because its really old already because it did happen to my friend when she used this same product too years ago after I bought it.

Will I repurchase? Since I think its now unavailable, I won't (lol) but I think this item was really good for me when I was 16 because I had real dry skin before so it really didn't bother me at 1st but after awhile I started to have oily skin so this item is no longer for me. I am curious about their new product which is the face blur. So I will try that out next. 

Last product and this is by far my favorite product here. This is the "Color My Brows" by Etude House and it is in the color #2 light brown. Size is 4.5g and yes both of them are empty now. One tiny container lasted me for a month if its daily use but if not it lasts for 2 months. 

Item Description: Eyebrow mascara supplies brown / gold tones to match the various color treatments for Asian hair with comb to set, shade and moisten brows for a refined and natural look. 

Price: P378. Before, I thought that this was abit expensive for me, but after having to try it, I think its pretty worth it.

My thoughts on this product: Like I said, this is my favorite. I naturally have bushy eyebrows and when I was a first timer in coloring in my eyebrows, it was a mess. This product though, helped me to define my eyebrows without having it to look way bushier than it already is and at the same time, creating a balance color with my hair. This product sticks with me all day and I don't have to worry about it scattering or having to be erased if I sweat because it really holds onto my eyebrows. 

Will I repurchase? Yes I will, I do already know how to do my eyebrows with a pencil but this product is my on-the-go eyebrow cosmetic. 

Those are all the products that I have managed to emptied out for using it for months & years, Hope this has helped you if you are looking to use some of these products too. And hope to see you on my next blog entry!

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