Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Best Of 2015 || Beauty Products

So instead of me doing a monthly favorites this month, I thought that I would do my best or mostly used products for this whole year and I really picked out the ones that I think everybody else should try out.

  • Stila all day liquid lipstick in Patina
I have been wearing this shade whenever I see myself wear a plain tee or just anything ordinary since it does make a bold statement even if I had minimal to no makeup on. Click here for the price and review. 

  • Stila all day waterprood liquid eyeliner
This would have to be my all time favorite eyeliner because of how opaque the product is and how easy it is for me to play around with how I put it around my eye. Click here for the price and review. 

  • LOL (lots of love) bronzing powder
A very subtle bronzer that is good for an everyday wear. It stays in tact for awhile and easily buildable if you want more of an effect to your look. Click here for the price and review.

  • NYX soft matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi
A super simple shade that is quite similar to the natural lip color. I like to call this my "when in doubt" product because of how natural the finish is to the lip and it's matte. Click here for the price and review.

  • Benefit roller lash
Works as a eye curler + mascara. Most beneficial for those who are on-the-go. Read more about that here.

  • Lush daddy-o Purple shampoo
Used this ever since I started bleaching my hair to avoid having brassiness and it worked like a charm. The scent is not too strong but very subtle to the nose and it lasts the whole day on my hair.

  • Chic "Gypsetter" from the boho chic! collection
A periwinkle blue nail polish. Super cute that for me is perfect for all occassions. 

  • Silky girl moisture rich lipstick in Sensual
If you are looking for a cheap but good quality lipstick, then this collection is for you. More details here.

  • Chromastix Hair chalk intense
I used this last Halloween and loved it! If I wanted a temporary hue to my hair, I'll definitely reach for this because of how amazing it looks. And, it's pretty cheap too. More about this here.

  • Nichido Tru Lashes Eyelash Adhesive
It may look small but it definitely does it's job. I admit that I don't often wear fake eyelashes and when I do, I find myself struggling at the middle of the day to keep it in my eye due to bad quality glue. This however helped my lashes to stay intact throughout the day. 

  • Real Natura Organics Soft Matte Lip Gem in Caramel Glaze
A nude lipstick that is perfect for an everyday wear plus, the brand promotes all organic (cruelty-free babes!). Check out more of this here.

  • Mac Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy
I have been hunting this lipstick down for the whole year and finally got it this month. I love it! I finally get why it's always sold out because of how amazing the quality and lasting power is. I will be posting a more elaborate review on this in January so stay tuned for that.

  • Rucy's Vanity Mascara in Black
I mentioned above that Roller lash from Benefit is indeed one of the top mascaras this year for me but due to it's fast expiration (mascaras tend to only last for 2-3 months max) and it's price, it did break my heart to stop using it. This mascara however is really cheap and does almost exactly the same job as the roller lash. The packaging is very sleek and professional and the wand prevents the mascara from plumping. To know more, click here.

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
I just started using VCO on myself this year and all I could say is, why haven't I used this sooner? It's a miracle product all on it's own due to having so much benefits just by using it everyday or when you need it. The brand actually doesn't matter since they are all made from the same ingredients and they are natural. A little spoiler, I will be posting a "why I love virgin coconut oil" here on my blog around January so keep an eye out for that one. 

What were your favorites this year?

Disclosure: I am in no way sponsored by any of the brands I've mentioned. All statements were based on my own experience. 


  1. I am in love with Velvet Teddy too, I have only had it for a few months and wonder why it took me so long to finally buy it

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

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