Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chromastix Hair Chalk with Applicator and Intense Review

I picked these up about a month ago for my Halloween costume for the Halloween party that me and my brother attended last October 25, 2015. Now I didn't really have high hopes for this product since I just wanted some crazy colors on my hair that day. I also featured this on my October favorites so if that's not saying anything, I don't know what will, but well, let me try a little more.

Item Description:
The fun, safe, easy and temporary hair color solution! Dip dye and highlight in quick, convenient steps.

Chromastix Hair Chalk with Applicator - P149 (3.26 USD)
Chromastix Hair Chalk Intense - P99 (2.17 USD)

What do I think of this product?
Application was very easy. You just spray your hair with water and make sure it's damp but not too too damp. Then, rub the chalk on the damp hair. Then, seal with a hair straightener or curling iron.

The applicator comes with a chalk of its own of course but you only have 2 options which is 1, what I got which is Pink and the other one is purple. The intense pack comes with 6 colors which are red, orange, blue, purple, yellow and pink. 

Using the hair chalk with applicator was actually a little bit difficult because the chalk kept sinking after awhile and just so you know, the intense pack is not a refiller for the applicator so when the chalk on the applicator sinks down, you'll have to remove it and apply manually like how you did using the intense chalks. I have no idea if they do sell actual refillers for these since I haven't seen one just yet. 

Used the pink, purple and blue chalk last Halloween Party.

Really messy application, not just on your hands but on your surroundings too so be careful to not wear or place anything near you that you don't want stained. It would last for awhile. And I really mean it because it has been 6 days at the moment (when I typed this out) and I still have pink and blue hair. These can easily be found at Watson's or SM department store branches although, last time I went which is a few days ago, the intense pack was sold out so you would want to ask for a sales lady or man to assist you or to ask when they'll be restocking whatsoever if you're trying to find it.

Is it worth the money?
I think if you are planning to invest on these, just get the intense pack because the applicator just doesn't work that great and either way you'd make a mess anyway so just go for the quick route. And yes, the intense pack, I highly recommend it to anyone interested on temporarily coloring their hair since like it's name, is very intense and again would last on your hair for awhile. Great for experimenting with colors too if you're planning to dye it that way. Plus, it is quite cheap and it would be impossible for you to use all of them on a single application. 

I hope that this review has been helpful and if you have anymore questions or suggestions, leave a comment down below and I'll reply as soon as I can. And I'm curious, what were you dressed up as last Halloween?


  1. Replies
    1. Ikr really worth it since the colors come out so intense on the hair ♥

  2. I used to have purple hair and there are days that I miss it. I've been wanting to try hair chalk for a while, so I might need to pick this up.


    1. Ohhhh yes yes! Then if you get sick of it you can easily go back to your natural hair color or trying something new. :D

  3. oh how cool! I definitely thought I wouldn't be able to use hair chalk on my hair because it's so dark but those intense colors seem like they might do the trick!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. Yes it really might just do the trick, my camera doesn't even do enough justice for how intense it is.

  4. Love your post, great content!



    1. Thank you so much.
      And oh my gosh that many Mondays left until Christmas?
      Gotta get my wish list done.

  5. This is really cool, I love the colors!


  6. I've tried hair chalking & loved it back then when I couldn't dye my hair with semi-permanent colors. There is still a pack of chalks sitting in my cupboard, but after all the mess it has to offer, I want to use it (though my little cousins love it)

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Yea I really hate the mess it makes but gosh it's just so pretty!

  7. your hair looks amazing! so badass! it's a shame I have dark red hair, I would love some pink tips! for more help you can visit Hair Chalk


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