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My Paranormal Experiences - Part 2

This is a continuation of my story telling about my paranormal experiences; Although, last time I wrote about stories that happened at my old house so I am now gonna tell you guys about the things I experienced at random places.

Too early for school.

It was during the 5th grade so I was about 11-ish years old. I had a school service back then and I had this friend and classmate that rode with me, let us call her Isla. So Isla and I were always the ones who are very early to arrive in school and the classroom that we had back then was only 1 for the whole day. So me and Isla climbed up to our room and the door was locked which was unusual since it was rarely locked except when somebody else arrived before us (which sometimes does happen) and decided to prank everybody. Me and Isla were knocking at the door for a minute or two and the doors of our school that time had really tiny windows so me and Isla peeked on the window and we saw a girl about maybe our age jump to look at us and crouch back down behind the door that we were peeking in. We didn't see the face, only the eyes and the hair because it happened really fast. She was almost naked from what I saw or maybe wearing something that I couldn't see. Isla looked at me and asked if I saw that and I said yes and I asked her who was it, she says she thinks it was one of our classmates because of the haircut. So we just kept knocking until all of our suspects that we thought were inside and who we saw arrived. We kept telling them what happened and some even thought we were just scaring everybody. We kept an eye on the door incase it does open and somebody was really inside but classes were about to start and our adviser unlocked the door. Me and Isla rushed inside to tell everybody where we saw the girl but really, nobody was there. Totally creeped me out for the rest of the day.


This was at another one of our old houses, not the same as the past one that I've told you guys about. I was either 8-9 years old at that time (we moved out for abit at our old home due to renovation) and everybody, my mom, my brother and my aunt were already at the main room getting ready for bed. I was at the living room watching a favorite show of mine. There was a window behind the TV (We haven't rearranged much of the furniture yet because we just moved there at that time) and I saw someone, no idea if it was a girl or a boy wearing a white shirt and he or she put his hand on the window really slow and left. I ran to the main room and told my mom what happened. She checked the window and she saw that there were finger prints. I honestly don't know if it was a ghost or a real person which brings me to this, at that same house, few nights after, I saw a lady wearing white pass by the window and I yelled "woah" which startled my mom. She asked me what did I see and I said I saw a lady pass by. She stared at me like I gone mad which I didn't know why back then, now I do realize why since that window is in the back part of the house and not much people could really fit there since the windows are too close to the walls. She never really told me anything about it until we thought somebody got inside the house. There were banging noises everywhere that my mother got outside the room with her bat or something to hit someone with and gone to check. She didn't see anything but she did say that the noise just kept transferring from room to room. It was a really crazy house.


We moved houses alot so this one is another house that we just moved in. That night me and my yaya (a Filipino term to use to call our maid) were sleeping in my room. the doors were open and my mom and my brother were sleeping in the main room. Althorughout the night, me and yaya just kept looking at each other because we keep hearing someone coming up and down the stairs. It only stopped when my mom would come out of the room to check up on me which was only 2x after that, it just kept happening again and since we just moved, there wasn't electricity yet in that house and we'd have to wait for I think 3 days for there to be power. After that night, me and yaya had our own pair of earphones and played music to sleep.

Throwing Objects.

Another house that we moved to again. This was a few years ago and nobody else was home but me and my boyfriend at that time. I was peeing but I had a bad feeling or was scared at the moment for whatever reason, so I pee-d while the door was open. All of a sudden something or someone threw a colgate cap at me and I know that it wasn't my boyfriend because he was busy playing HON. I'm sure it wasn't paused because I could hear Nymphora's dialog and I could hear it from the bathroom. Trust me, he loved his HON back then. All I could think about at that moment was, well the worst has happened and ran outside where my boyfriend was playing and ended up trying to learn how to play HON.

From Wikipedia description:
The Manananggal (sometimes confused with the Wak Wak) is a vampire-like mythical creature of the Philippines, a malevolent,man-eating and blood-sucking monster or witch.
More about that HERE

I'm sure this is probably my craziest story but I am somehow happy that I wasn't alone when I experienced this because I wouldn't know how to handle it and explaining to everybody what I saw at that time. This happened years ago and I was with my friends and boyfriend at that time at one of our friend's house's terrace. We were just telling stories, laughing, just really having a chill time until 12-ish a.m. until my boyfriend pointed at something and asked me "what's that?" and not waiting for my response he yelled again, "what is that?". I looked at it and swore and hid my face on my boyfriend's back. Our friends probably saw my reaction because when they looked at what we were talking about, they too swore and screamed and ducked because it flew just right above us, even taking a moment to land on the roof and fly off again. I couldn't really get a good look at it other than it is half a body, huge wings and long black hair. I didn't see the face or the bottom part of the upper body that clearly because of her huge wings, all I could remember is she was scary but not disgusting.  I thought she might have been glowing at some point but that's just maybe my tears from being to scared. I think what scared us the most is how powerful and loud and big her wings are because you could just hear it even when she was still far away. When she was gone we couldn't move from where we were, some of us were even in denial of what we saw. To be honest a few months ago I was looking outside my window when I saw a shadow figure moving around, it was huge and I'm sure there weren't any birds, there weren't any dogs or cats around so I don't know what I saw but what I do know is I did see a manananggal and I do not wanna see it again.

Other People's Experiences with my Doppelganger.
I just wanted to add this part eventhough I wasn't there to witness it. It was just pretty creepy that I knew I had to add it in. This one is from my yaya at that time, when we were living at the house where the colgate cap was thrown at me (story above), I wasn't always home during those years since I was always out with my friends and went home really late. Our house that time had a gate and a stone pathway that if you walked on it, it would make some small noises. My yaya said she was watching T.V. at that time when she heard me calling her from the front door. The voice was coming outside and my yaya said that my voice asked her to open the door and to hurry up and the "person" outside wasn't even knocking. Yaya felt a bit weary at this point because when she looked at the window, she saw that the gate was still locked and she didn't hear anyone coming towards the front door so, she didn't answer. After awhile the voice was gone and when I actually got home, I opened the gate and knocked on the front door because I only had the key for the gate at that time. My yaya won't open it for me at first and kept asking me all these questions and I was there just answering them. When I got in, she asked me if I went home earlier that time, I said "no, I just got here" and she told me what happened.

Fred visited us at that same house a few months after. He is usually a morning person so he got up really early and was talking to yaya at the dining room. The dining room at that time was infront of my bedroom door (it was a small house) and Fred and yaya saw "me" coming out of my bedroom. They saw me stretch and walk towards the back door. Fred said he tried asking me what I wanted to bring for lunch, he said that I just peeked at him and went out. Then after a few minutes, they saw me coming out from my brother's room. They looked at me like I was a damn ghost and I asked what's the matter? They told me what happened and I actually didn't go to school that day because I was just too scared to even go to the bathroom.

Those are the stories for my paranormal experiences and if you didn't check or read about the first one that I made then click HERE.
Do comment or link down below your paranormal experiences because what more way to scare yourself even more right? Anyway, Happy Halloween everybody!


  1. I love these posts. I can't believe how many paranormal experiences you have had! I would be petrified

    Lauren x |

    1. To be honest I'm really thankful that all of these didn't happen all at the same time. I actually hated the feeling of being scared but I guess that's not an option for me those years xD. Now though, I don't experience anymore beside lucid dreaming.


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