Saturday, August 29, 2015

Drugstore Haul

Hello Everybody! Welcome back to my blog and if you're new here, Hi! I'm Joyce and today I will be showing you guys some of the things that I picked out yesterday at SM Megamall.

I just picked out a few items that I need and also because I was quite in a rush yesterday so I grabbed all of these and I am excited to try some of them out.

First is the Purederm Argan Oil Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes and I have recently tried this and loved it (For a more in depth review for this product, check HERE) So, I went ahead and got more of them and lucky me, it was currently sale on SM so the usual price for this is P79.75 ($1.71) and I got it yesterday for only P59.75 ($1.28) and I got 2 of them so I could have more stock of it in my drawer. 
Next is this Glam Works Body Wax Strips. I have never ever experienced getting waxed before and I finally decided to try it out. This has 12 wax strips and 2 after-wax finish wipes. I am usually a veet or plucking kind of person so I'm a bit scared but I do wanna try this out for awhile now and finally decided to get it yesterday. I got this for P189 ($4.04)

I also got these little false eyelashes. It doesn't have a brand except that it says watson's on the price tag, it is P44.75 ($0.96). To be quite honest, I am not much of a fan of false eyelashes but I just finally decided that I should opt for a change so I got these because they were the cheapest that I could find and also the simplest. Sadly though, there isn't any glue included so I'll have to get that separately when I happen to drop by a beauty shop.

Lastly, I got the Loreal True Match liquid foundation in the shade W3 Nude Beige and this cost about P600 ($12.84). I have heard of this product 1 or 2 times and decided to finally try it out all because I finished up my Benefit Hello Flawless foundation (Review here if you wanna see more of it) and also because I was getting quite overwhelmed with all the makeup stalls around me that I couldn't get myself to chill and pick slowly. It was a toss between this and the Revlon Airbrush effect which I have heard quite good reviews but I decided to go with this because it is cheaper and my gut tells me to just get it.

So those are the things that I got and I really am excited to try them out. Be sure to stick around for reviews on most of these and also comment down below if you have already tried these products out and how it worked for you or if you have any more questions about the individual items. I'm also open for suggestions of products to try out and review about and also post ideas so leave them all there and I would reply as soon as I see them.

Hope that this has helped you if you are ever trying to find these products and also for the price information. Thanks for reading and until the next blog!

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