Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nightmare story.

Hey guys, I woke up a few hours ago but I still can't shake off my dream.

So in my dream, everything I wished for was happening. My mom coming home with me and my brother. We we're shopping, buying everything we needed. I could finally go study for college and everything was just so good that it made me so happy. And then, we came home. My mom was rearranging the room and my brother was singing at his own room. The house we're in wasn't the house we have now. It was our old house, I saw a kid got inside the gate. He was trying to hide in the dark and was peeking and looking at me. I called him to come near so I could see him. From afar he looked like my little cousin. So when he came near, I could still remember how he walked it was so similar to my cousin's. When he was right infront of me, he was looking down and I wanted to see him, so I grabbed his face and looked at him. I saw that his eyes were all silver, no trace of pupils, he had some blue thin lines in them and he was so pale, also felt so real in my hands. I wanted to talk but I couldn't, I couldn't move, I couldn't let go of him, I wanted to scream so bad but I can't. I started panicking and after what I think was about a minute, I finally let out a really loud scream and I woke up with a scratchy throat and feeling like I have a fever. I ran to see if I woken up my brother. When I saw him, he was just laying there, he didn't even budge. My brother from how I know him, he could've woke up with just me talking so loud, what more of a scream. He wasn't a heavy sleeper but I could swear I knew my scream was so loud that I could still feel it ringing in my ears and my throat still sore.

In the Philippines, we called them "bangungot". They said its a high possibility to happen if you sleep with your stomach full, but I didn't sleep with that state. I prayed before I sleep and who knows I still experienced it. I don't have a fever now which is weird because I thought I was gonna be sick for the whole day. I woke up from the dream at 2:56 a.m. Then I slept beside my brother on his room and just woke up at about 9:00 a.m. I'm still shaken with my nightmare. Hope it won't happen again because I am so freaked out. I'm also trying to google around what just happened. So if you guys have the same experience as me, just comment down below and include how you guys woke up from it.

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