Thursday, October 29, 2015

Haul: Halloween Themed & Other Things On Sale.

Yea so I kinda went shopping again..
I just couldn't resist! Most of the products here (actually all of them) are what I was trying to get my hands on for MONTHS! Yes it has been that long that these things are on standby on my to-buy list because I just couldn't find them anywhere until last October 27, 2015. Me and my brother went to SM Megamall and here are the things that I got:

Let's start with the random things first since I've been so excited to get all of them:

Q & A a day, 5 year journal.
If you've been a fan of reading blogs, pinterest, tumblr, weheartit, you've probably seen this book for awhile now and yes, it is 1 question a day for 5 years. Each day a different question and it lets you see what answers you put in a year or so before when you're in the midst of filling it up. Great for people who loves keeping journals since it has questions that sometimes we tend to neglect but bring out the answers that are worth remembering. I got this from Fully Booked at SM Megamall and the original price was P699 (14.95 USD) but since they were having a 20% off, I only got it for P559.20 (11.96 USD) and yes I've been hunting for this journal for probably a year and I almost bought it online since I gave up looking for it but finally saw that Fully Booked finally has them in stock but they only had about 4 of them and I bought 1 so yeap, 3 left at the moment so if you're trying to find it, go get it!

Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier
Any beauty junkie in the Philippines would know how difficult it is to find this product anywhere. It's always sold out because it's very cheap and works amazing as a makeup primer. And yes, I bought 5 because let's be honest, if you love something so much and see it available, you go and get it because you'll never know when you'll be able to buy 1 again. I got this at Watson's in SM Megamall for P89 (1.90 USD) each. Will do a more indepth review on this product soon!

Classic Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm
A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about lipsticks, we then went into the discussion about lip balms because I told her that almost every lip balm I use doesn't really work well for me so she told me she uses this and it worked great for her so I picked this one up at SM department store at SM Megamall for P149.75 (3.20 USD) and I'm really excited to try it.

Venzi Soft Lined Journal
I just finished writing on my last journal so I had to get a new one to write on and yeap, I actually wrote on this one already and I like how simple and light it is. It has an inner pocket at the back if you want to store some pictures or receipts or tickets that you would wanna keep. My journals were always very out there with the designs or texture so I guess this would have to be my simplest journal yet and I hope to fill 192 pages of it with worth while memories and plans that I could read back to years after. I got this for P219 (4.68 USD) at National Bookstore in SM Megamall.

Buttoned Shirt
H&M was having their sale as usual, (I honestly don't recall ever going to H&M without a sale or I'm just lucky? :D) and I picked this shirt up it was originally P899 (19.23 USD) but went down to P500 (10.97 USD) and because I love sleeves like these and I wanted something simple to throw on whenever I do some errands but still look put together.

Black Hat
I actually saw this hat at H&M on their sale a few months ago and when I tried it on at that time, I just knew I had to get it because I loved how it looked on me but what made me not get it are my thoughts of "where would I even use it for?" and "wouldn't I look weird walking around with a big hat on?" well, let's just say when I got home that night, it HAUNTED me. I suddenly regret not getting it because for some reason I found myself looking at other girls wearing and styling a hat like this and the normal price was hella expensive. Thankfully, they put it on sale again and I never even thought twice anymore, I picked up my size and just went ahead and got it. The original price was P1,190 (25.45 USD) and it went down to P200 (4.28 USD). SCORE!

For Halloween themed products, I only got a few,

Jack o'lantern and Pug with bat wings socks
When I saw this on Topshop's instagram, all I could think about was I have to have them especially that PUG! They are so cute and so soft that I think I'll live in it every after wash. A little bit on the pricey side but I just couldn't help myself! Anything with an amazing Halloween or festive design definitely gets me and this is worth P245 (5.24 USD) each.

A bunny ears ponytail
Another thing that I found from Topshop and not gonna lie, I actually wanted a headband but they were all sold out so I just went with this one because I always tie my hair anyway and this would be a nice accessory to throw on when I'm out of the house. It is worth P195 (4.17 USD)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Halloween themed food? YES PLEASE! I just got a half dozen Halloween donuts for me and my brother. He loves them actually and picked them himself. My personal favorite would have to be Frankie, that Kitkat though, super creative! And speaking of Frankie, I used my Krispy Kreme Philippines app for a free 1 pc Frankie donut and brewed coffee. Total score! So if you're planning to visit Krispy Kreme, do download the app beforehand to get amazing rewards!

I apologize for the extra long post but I kinda felt like shopping day that day was an adventure and I found the hidden treasures that I was looking for in months. So I would say that was an extra successful trip and worth all that money saying goodbye to me. But I couldn't be the only one who found hidden treasures at the mall right? Leave a comment down below on what you got for Halloween or just any random things that you think you've scored on.


  1. I love the bunny ears ponytail, looks so cute!! I also need some of those doughnuts in my life, now!!

    Lauren x |

    1. Yes! Those are super yummy and I kinda felt guilty eating some because they are just so cute!

  2. I love the bunny rings and the donuts! Love your blog dear. :)

    Mhaan | Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. Thank you so much! Yes the donuts ♥

  3. I love those pumpkin socks and treats, they are so cute! I also really want a button top like that, it's stunning! And that Q&A book looks really interesting xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Yea I really love all of them ♥ Especially the Q&A journal


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