Friday, October 30, 2015

My Paranormal Experiences - Part 1

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to share about some of my paranormal experiences and yes I said some because I experienced quite a lot of it that I'm surprised I can still go in the bathroom alone which sometimes I really can't because I'm a wimp. I will be breaking down the stories by using a title for each one.

These stories may or may not be in order since I only remember what happened but don't really remember when, but it all happened at the same place which was at our old house that me and my brother grew up in.


I was about 12 or 13 during these times and my parents were out of the country and me and my brother were left with our cousin who we shall call Fred.So Fred was heading out to get some snacks because we were all out of it, he borrowed my pen and paper because he was gonna get Zagu (a brand of shake that's known in the Philippines) and was taking notes of what everyone wanted. I told him my order and I was at the hallway at that time on my laptop probably playing gaia online. He put the paper down beside me and took my pen with him. I called after him and said "hey I need my pen for something" but he just kept walking towards the bathroom so I raised my voice and said the same thing again but he was still walking and holding my pen. I got up and walked after him as he turns on the lights of the bathroom and I called after him again and said "give me back my pen, I need it!" He then turned around and I saw that he has these glowing red eyes and I stopped in my tracks. He slammed the door really hard that cold wind blew at me. I started knocking on the bathroom door and said "Fred! Fred! Give me back my damn pen!" and while this was happening, Fred came out of my brother's room which is on the far left side of the bathroom (my room was in between the bathroom and my brother's room) and asked who was I talking to. I got startled for a second and immediately said "I'm talking to you in there" and as what I said finally made sense in my head, I backed out from where I was standing while Fred opened the door to the bathroom really fast. Nobody was inside, the lights were still on and my pen is on the sink. Let's just say I didn't need that pen anymore after that.


I'm guessing that this is before or after the incident about the pen (story above). My other cousins visited us at our old house (yeap same one) and we hung out for a few days. During the 3rd or 4th night they were there, we decided to go and cook something but it wasn't for dinner I recall since it was pretty late. All 3 of us (me and my 2 girl cousins) were at the kitchen and the window was wide open. We just kept laughing at something but what I do know that we were really not that loud. No one was squealing, or laughing too loud or talking to loud so we know we weren't bothering anybody. As we were still telling stories there was suddenly these small beads that I used to play with back when I was younger flying in from the outside onto the kitchen. At the 1st time we tried to ignore it but then it happened again, and again and it came in faster everytime. We grabbed the stuff that we were cooking and ran out of the kitchen. Honestly don't know who could do that because there weren't any houses at the back of our kitchen. The house that we stayed in that time was pretty high up and just land at the bottom. There were really big trees and just mostly some place people don't go to because the grass is way too high. This however, is pretty mild to what's more to come but it really freaked me out because I usually thought at that time that ghost can't hold or throw things. I didn't know what a poltergeist is so I was shaken up.

R.I.P. Hannah Montana.

I forgot which post I said this but when I was younger, I used to always sing along to Hannah Montana music and dance along with it too. This became a habit for awhile when I was practicing a Hannah Montana dance and I was in my brother's room that night. My brother's room has a window that when you look outside, there's the gate of our house. And it's locked so I pulled down the blinds and started doing my thing as you may say. I heard a car passing by and when it's headlights or the glare of the light hit my window, I saw a silhouette of a really tall but skinny man wearing a cap (Kind of like Michael Jackson's) standing near the window and he raised his arms and I saw that he was holding a knife. I immediately ran outside the room and saw my cousin and our maid at the hallway and told them what I saw. My cousin, Fred went out to see who it was but there was nobody there. Nobody could really get inside or near the window because the gate is locked and there is no way to climb above the gate because it goes up until the roof. I saw Fred on the hallway near my brother's room and our maid was there and my brother was in my room so no one could really do that prank and manage to go back to where they were when I saw them. That incident honestly took me awhile before I could dance along with Hannah again.

Folded Clothes

Me, my brother, Fred and our Maid decided to head to the mall during the afternoon when mine and my brother's classes were done. So I went to the bathroom to pee before heading out of the house, I turned off the lights and closed the doors and I passed by my room and saw that Yaya ("Yaya" is a term we use for maid in the Philippines) was folding some clothes on my bed. I looked at her and said "Yaya we're gonna head out now, let's go" after a second of saying that, I started walking before turning my eyes away from my bedroom that I bumped into yaya at the hallway. She asked me who was I talking to, I told her that I saw her folding clothes. She stayed where she was and just looked at me. I immediately came back to my room and opened the door because it was suddenly closed, opened it and saw the neatly folded clothes on my bed. I was not at all hallucinating because I was feeling totally fine and she was wearing the exact same clothes and I actually looked at her when I said what I said before I bumped into the real yaya. What's funny is, my yaya that time was very easy to startle so the fact that she didn't even looked up when I was talking to her should've been what alerted me. Well, thanks for folding my clothes I guess...


This was during the time that one of our relatives died and the ceremony was at our province which is abit too far away for me and my brother to go since I recall we had exams at that time so Fred, my cousin went as our representative. That night when Fred left, my brother was sleeping in his room and me and yaya were sleeping at my room. It was about 11:30 pm if I'm not wrong when I suddenly heard this scratching by the door of my bedroom. My yaya was sleeping below, beside my bed so I thought she was just hitting something with her foot so I tried to ignore it. It did grew louder and louder but I really tried so hard to sleep. That morning I woke up before yaya did which is pretty damn early and all I could think about was that damn sound. It was gone already so I woke up yaya and asked her if she heard it. She said yes but didn't wanted to scare me so she didn't say anything. We opened the door and there were these claw like scratches outside of my door. I have a cat at that time but she was locked at the garage by her little room and there is no other possible way she got in the house without someone to open up for her. Plus, with the size of the claws, it wouldn't possibly be from my cat.

That is it for now for my paranormal experiences stories and be sure to subscribe to be notified for the part 2 where I tell you about my paranormal experiences outside of this house or in other random places. For more spooky or creepy stories from me, read about my nightmare and that time where I dreamed of watching myself sleep.

Also, just to add, Fred had a friend who is an espiritista (a Spanish-Filipino term for those people who practically practice communicating with spirits etc. ) and she visited our house at that time and told us that she saw a white duende on the front of the house and a black duende at the back. She told us to put food out and we did, after that, we never really did anything else about it anymore since that was also the time that we were about to move out so I also have no idea if it worked or not.  

Happy Halloween everybody!
Note: On that photo, those are actually my brother's hands because he couldn't take a decent pic of me holding the pumpkin, so I took one of him instead. Pretty cool since it reminds me of the Twilight book cover.


  1. Scary!!! The pen story would have freaked me out so much

    Lauren x |

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine what I'd do if that happened to me. :(

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter

    1. takes awhile to get over most of them :(


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