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Product Empties | August 2015

Hello everybody! I think that it has been awhile since I last posted a product empties entry so now I managed to finish up some products until the very last drop and write about my experience on using all of them. I do wanna say that not all the products I have here are what I actually like and I just finished it because I didn't really wanna waste it and also because I wanted to make sure of what I experience and think about the specific product. 

For bath / shower products...

First off is the Tresemme Expert Selection Platinum Strength Shampoo. P125 ($2.67). I had really high expectations for this product all because I keep seeing all these girls that recommend these have such fabulous hair ( I know, I shouldn't really believe everything I hear) and this didn't really do anything amazing for me, I do like the scent though and it lasts for awhile on my head (unless I'm sweating the whole day ofcourse) but anything else, I think its a nah /  meh for me. I would still try out other Tresemme products in the future because I do really wanna prove myself wrong.

If there's a shampoo, there is a conditioner. Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner. I think for the size of this product, it costs around P210 ($4.49). Alright, so this is the product that I really love. Most of the time, I have colored hair and I always used to have problems with maintaining my hair color and when I used this, my hair color lasted for awhile, some little ones have faded but not at all noticeable. So if you ever have colored hair and is looking for a conditioner for it, I highly recommend this product and I would repurchase it again soon and would also wanna try out the Shampoo version of this if there is any because whenever I go out and look for it, I only see the conditioner. Also, it has a lovely scent that I'm kinda addicted to.

For Skin care...

Next product, St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Gel Cleanser. Forgot how much this costs, but more or less P299 ($6.40). I think I have been using this product for quite awhile now and just managed to finish it recently. I really wanted to like this product because of all the positive reviews I keep seeing, but sadly, it didn't really work that well for me. I have no idea why but whenever I use this, I keep having these little pimples on my face and also, I find this pretty difficult to use because of how painful it is on my skin. Maybe it's just me, but I loved their scrubs, just not this cleanser.

The iWhite Nose Pack. P18 ($0.39). Me and my brother has finished a ton of these little sachets for the past few months. Being as cheap at it is, I think that it is definitely worth the investment. It does it's job which is to remove the blackheads and also tightens up the pores. It also isn't that much painful to remove. I actually gave 1 sachet to my friend and she also loved this product that I think she is now buying some of her own. 1 sachet, for me lasts until 4-5 uses, it isn't resealable but it's fine even if I leave it in my drawer just like that, just make sure that there's no excess product dripping from the packaging. Speaking of excess product, the only down side from this is how messy the application is but yeap, comparing it to it's price I think that it isn't too bad. So if you see this around, do try them out.

For Scent..

I have the Guess Seductive Perfume. This was actually a gift from my mom and she got it from Israel so I'm not sure how much she got this for. Not gonna lie, at first I was pretty reluctant to use this because I seem to think that the scent is quite different than how I'm used to. It doesn't smell bad, but it kinda reminded me of being on pageants and the atmosphere just practically reeks of this scent, but the good kind not the hairspray everywhere kind. But when I did start to use it frequently, I do experience random people asking me what scent am I using or trying to guess it with other brand names.It isn't my holy grail perfume, but I still like it for a professional or meeting someone kind of day. So yea, another recommendation from me and I would actually repurchase this again when I can (and if I have the money).

For Makeup...

I have just recently finished up my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation and I just have the travel sized one from a package that I bought back in May. For me, having oily skin, I didn't quite enjoy this product after awhile. It does provide a good amount of coverage, but having it to battle against the humid weather in the Philippines, it's kind of a disaster. I did a more in depth review on this product HERE if you guys wanted to know more of it.

Last product is my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.  P1,700 ($36.37). If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that I practically raved about this product so much because of how good this actually is. The only downside I have for this product is the price. Being someone who doesn't go out or need to put on makeup every single day, I think that this isn't that worth it for me. And if you haven't known by now, mascaras only tend to last for about 2-3 months before they expire, so having to keep using this once I opened it was quite a struggle because I got that feeling where I don't wanna use it all up too fast because of how expensive it is and then there's I have to finish up this mascara soon or I'll waste my money that I used to get this. Putting it in the fridge does help to lengthen the days where it won't expire, but still, if you are more of a budget friendly beauty junkie, I wouldn't really suggest you to get this. But if you are, and if you do love to put on makeup most of the time, then I can assure you that you will not regret this product. I have a more in depth review on this product HERE just incase you need to learn more about this mascara.

So that is it for my Product Empties and I hope that you guys have found this useful. Also, do comment below for any more questions involving these products or if you have any other suggestions that are quite similar to what I've shown you that you'd think would work well or better. 

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!


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