Monday, August 31, 2015

Monthly Favorites | August 2015

Hello everybody! So August is my birth month and I am very sad that it has gone by so quickly. I've gotta say that this month wasn't exactly my best of the year but I'm still pretty thankful that there are some little things that manages to make me smile. With that, here are the things that I have been using very frequently during this month. And also, I have decided to actually put direct links on where you would be able to find it and get it for yourselves too.

Play #25 manicure from Etude House. P128 ($2.74). I have been only using this color for the whole month and I think until the first half of September. This is one of the best examples (for me) of what color I will never get sick of looking and also, works pretty well with every occasion or just a casual day. Very easy to pair up with other colors from my clothes and makeup. And as you all may already know, I really love the Etude House Play collection. 

Orly Matte Top Coat. P499.75 ($10.71). I got this at SM Department Store In SM Megamall but HERE is an alternative link. Get it here. I've always been a huge matte "fanatic", I just love and appreciate everything matte because I think that it is something that cannot be overdone. I have been eyeing this top coat for awhile and decided to finally get it during my birthday shopping and honestly, I do not regret it, I just love it and you would see me play with this alot. I also made a review on this product, check it out HERE.

Prettywhenpinched Lip and Cheek Tint from Bench. P180 ($3.86). Not gonna lie, this is an old product of mine that I purchased way back but never really appreciated it, although it used to be a holy grail during my high school days. So, I started reusing it this month and every so often when I glance at the mirror I could see why I loved this product so much back in the day. It isn't subtle at all, but it does go perfectly fine on my skin which I am very happy about. I'm not quite sure if this product still looks the same or has the same packaging or formula since I haven't visited a bench store for awhile but I'm sure it is still available. The only downside I could say about this product is when you apply it, you will need to be abit precise on how much you put into your face and also quickly blend it in since it is pigmented and dries up pretty fast. 

Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. P79.75 ($1.74). I got this at SM Department Store in SM Megamall, but it is also available in Watsons. This product is what I am absolutely raving about and I know that I am getting quite annoying with this because it is just a makeup remover but with my experience of makeup removers, I just cannot find that one thing that would completely remove stubborn eye makeup and with this, it removes it with minimal effort, just a few swipes and the eye makeup is gone. It is pretty cheap and worth every penny. For more of an in depth review of this product, click HERE.

Denim shorts from Forever 21. The price of this was originally P1,015 ($22.17) but after the 50% off, it was P507.50 ($11.09). Couldn't really find this in their website anymore. I recently got this during my birthday haul and I have been wearing it so much ever since. I threw it in the laundry a couple of times but once it dries, I just quickly put it on and use it again. I seriously cannot explain more on why I love this shorts so much rather than I'm just so comfortable on using it and it looks great. 

Penryn And The End Of Days Series by: Susan Ee. See them HERE. I have been finding books that I would again love and have been abit unsuccessful with that during this month, however, I did stumble upon this book while searching for reviews and recommendations on the web and after reading the first book, I got quite addicted to it that I got myself the other 2 books too and have finished reading  them all in just a few days. I highly recommend this if you are up for a good read especially if you are the type to enjoy fantasy stories, or if you are just finding something that would help you pass the time.
So those have been my favorites for this month and do leave a comment below if you have tried out these products too and how much did you like them? Also comment if you have any more questions or suggestions for me whether it'll be a similar or new product or just blogging tips or ideas.

Hope that this has helped you if you are looking into getting these products. Thanks for reading and until the next blog!


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