Sunday, August 9, 2015

ORLY Matte Topcoat Nail Polish Review

Hello everybody! Today I will be talking about one of my latest purchase and it is the ORLY Matte Topcoat Nail Polish. I have never owned an ORLY Nail Polish in general so this will be my first try of their product and let's see how it'll go..

Item Description: Matte it up! Turn regular glossy nail lacquer to a unique matte finish. Ideal for creating unique nail art and spot varnished nail looks. Directions: Apply one or two coats over your favorite ORLY nail lacquer for a matte look.

Price: P499.75 ($10.91) and I got it at the SM Department Store at SM Megamall.

What I think of this product?
I have been addicted to matte nails ever since last year but when I always buy matte polishes, there are only limited colors and I get sick of repeating nail colors all the time so when I saw this at the department store the last time I went, I just know that I had to get it because with this, I could turn all of my nail polishes matte on my nails.

In the directions, I think that it recommends using ORLY nail polishes that are not matte but I used my #25 on the Play collection nail polish from Etude House just to give it a try if it would work on other brands too, and the #25 has been my favorite this month, and when I finished applying it, I let it dry for about 5-7 minutes then applied 1 coat of the ORLY Matte Topcoat and it took awhile for it to dry but when it did, it lessened the shine of the nail polish that I used underneath and then I applied another coat and it did turn it completely matte so I think that I am satisfied.

The smell of this product is what I'm not a fan of. It smells like the usual dizzying scent that nail polishes have, I do wish that this would be unscented but I rarely encounter any nail polishes that are actually unscented or have a bearable smell.

Is it worth the money?
For the price, I do think that it is quite expensive for a nail polish because I am used to paying P15 - P200 ($0.33 - $4.37) for a single polish, so it surprised me that this costed so much. Although I do gotta say that I am satisfied with the results and I'm sure that I would use this for a very long time until I run out or it dries out (which I rarely have nail polishes that dry because I keep some of them on the fridge to keep it from drying out). So yes, I do think that if you are looking for something that would make all your nail polishes look matte on your nails, then you should definitely get this.

So that is my review for this lovely topcoat and I hope that you have found this useful or if you already tried it or you could give me cheaper alternatives or you want me to try some other products then leave a comment down below and I'll also try and answer your questions as much as I can. I will also be doing a few more product reviews for this coming days so stay tuned for that one!

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!

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