Friday, July 3, 2015

Mini Haul [Drugstore & Etude House]

Today me and my brother had an unexpected errand and after we were done with that, we thought why not go to the mall since we are already going that way anyway. So we went to SM Masinag and just walked around and kinda picked up some things we need. 

At the Department Store:

So SM is having a Mid Year Clearance Sale so most of the good stuff are all sold out. Kinda broke my heart to know that I wasn't able to grab a Revlon 24 hour Color Stay Foundation that was on sale so I just got my BYS Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in the color 31 Sky Blue. (P169 or $3.75) I picked up this color because I've been looking for something that would be kind of the same with Hanna Marin's eye make up (on the show Pretty Little Liars). I seem to notice that her eye liner came abit blue rather than black at some parts and decided I wanna try out that look, so I got this and hopefully it'll be an awesome product. Review about this product shall be made soon!

Etude House:

Ofcourse whether I deny it or not, it is pretty obvious that I love this store so much. I repurchased my Color My Brows (Eyebrow Gel) in the color #2 (P378 or $8.39) because I always use this on the go and it lasts me all day. Have been repurchasing this countless of times already and I should probably try out other eyebrow gel brands which I will pretty soon, but for now I just always tend to reach for this product whenever I do my brows so yeap an all time favorite for me.

Another one is a manicure, #25 from the Play collection. (P128 or $2.84) I raved so much about my #42 on (It was on my May Monthly Favorites HERE) and I hope that this will do me wonders too. It did kinda remind me of my Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina since it is almost the same shade, Muave pink color, really beautiful.

I was tempted to buy some more stock for my Tea tree face mask (P58 or $1.29) that I've always been using a lot but I decided to just finish up what I currently have for now so as I was paying for my items, the lady said that I have a free mask and then I saw it was the Tea Tree Mask. I felt like I jumped from the inside because it was such a nice coincidence. I made a review about this product HERE.

Another Free product:

This was from a magazine that I bought for my brother and it is the Syoss Moisture Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner, 2 pieces of 10 ml each. I always walk past this product whenever I shop for a new shampoo because I haven't really seen that much reviews about it. But now, since I got these babies, I might as well try it and who knows they might end up to be a holy grail product.

So those are the products that I got today and it was actually very budget friendly compared to my past craziness at the mall, I'm a shopaholic, I'm not gonna lie. I'm really excited to try most of them out and maybe be added to my list on "must repurchase when it's all out". Hit the comment section below if any of you guys have already tried these products and did it work great or not for you and also if you got any recommendations for products that are much better or worth to try, I love it when you guys do that!

Thanks for reading! Until the next blog.

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