Tuesday, July 7, 2015

15 Struggles Of Girls Who Wear Glasses.

So just a few months ago, I've been using my prescribed glasses. And let me tell you, besides the fact that it gives you a headache the first time you wear it, there are other struggles too that either caught me by surprise or just plain annoyed me. 

  1. Choosing the perfect frame for your glasses. For me this is really the hardest and it took me about 4-5 hours trying to make up my mind and going from store to store just to pick out what would look good on me and is comfortable. It's like choosing a username or in game name. You just don't know if you'll like it after awhile.
  2. The people you know would ask to try on your glasses then tell you that you are blind. This happens all the time. And every time it happens, I don't know how to react or answer to them. 
  3. You can't wear sunglasses or you keep switching between the two. This honestly was the reason why I didn't want actual glasses because my mom keeps giving me these cool sunglasses that I may never wear because I'm too busy wearing something that would help me see better. But then I discovered the switching technique. Sounds cool but takes up alot of patience.
  4. Lying down and reading / watching something on your phone/tablet etc. Good luck figuring out how you're gonna do this without breaking them, because I almost did!
  5. When it's really hot and wearing glasses isn't helping. You're sweating everywhere and the last thing you want is something that makes you feel uncomfortable in your face.. Yeap glasses and sweat do not mix!
  6. Eye makeup? Being a makeup lover myself, I put so much hard work on my eyes but when I start to wear my glasses, it practically never goes with what I did. 
  7. Eye lashes. I have really long lashes and then I put mascara to make it abit more visible, but when I put my glasses on, it constantly bumps the lens, which either leaves a mark or feeling like you're eye lashes are trapped.
  8. Cleaning the lens every time using your shirt. I do not have any solution to this. Its just how it goes. When I wasn't wearing glasses before, I'd always see the people around me constantly doing this and wondered "why do they do it every 15 minutes?" well, now I know the answer.
  9. Fogging up. I can never learn my lesson with this because whenever I'm cooking or drinking hot choco my glasses start to fog up before I could realize that it would happen.
  10. People describing your style as a nerdy style because of your glasses. And with me wearing braces too, there is just no escape from this even if I hate hearing it. Its not a style people!
  11. Or when you're actually feeling real nice about how you look and people keep asking you if it's real or if it's prescribed ones. Especially when they try and grab it from you while you're wearing it without permission just for them to make sure.
  12. 3D movies, I personally haven't experienced this but people kept telling me how will I manage. If there's a will, there's a way! I'll make them fit over my glasses some way but I know it won't be easy. 
  13. The rain. It's like there is no escape with the weather, and for some reason I imagine having glasses with it's own wipers because that would kinda help but will look weird (lol).
  14. The bridge of your nose starts to hurt in the middle of the day. When you're wearing it for so long that you could almost feel like its squishing your nose or maybe it's too loose that you'd have to readjust it every few minutes.
  15. "Look at this" says your friend but you just taken off your glasses and need to put them back on again just to see what the fuss is about. I know that they don't do it on purpose but the need to do this everytime makes it annoying yet we still do it anyway. You know what they say, now or never. Literally.
Anyway, don't let these reasons bother you so much if you're start to wear glasses. Seriously though, they are great since they help out alot and also makes you feel like you are a new you. And if you're already wearing glasses, you'd know how all of these things feel but you still love wearing them as much as I do because whether we admit it or not, it makes us feel amazing. 

Are these any of the things that you experience too or is it just me and how do you deal with it? Or do you have anything else to add to the list? Hit the comment section below even if you are wondering about some other things about them because you're about to get yourself a pair. I'll try my best in answering them and also would love to read some of your thoughts or stories.

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!


  1. All those facts are so truee! I'm tired of waking up in the morning and wearing my contact lenses in order to be able to wear my sunglasses. I'm planning of taking prescription sunglasses, but it will also be tiring to switch glasses all the time! Great post :)

    Aeriko @ http://thereadingarmchair.blogspot.com

    1. Oh yea, contact lenses... I have never tried prescribed ones but I'm sure it has almost the same struggles. >.<


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