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Monthly Favorites! [May 2015]

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! If you're new here, Hi I'm Joyce and this is my monthly favorites for the month of May 2015. I will be showing you  guys what I got addicted to for this month whether it's beauty products, accessories, home ware, music, shows, food, apps or a fellow blogger that I'm following. So let's get to it!

Let's get started with the beauty products since it's my favorite in all of these.

First one is of course Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara. I bought this not so long ago all because every tutorial or reviews that I look, this mascara has always been mentioned. I decided to try it out and I did not regret it. 

Item Description: It's a roller for lashes! The eye opening Hook' n' Roll brush grabs, saparates, lifts and curls.. while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours. 

97% said it visibly lifts lashes, 87% said it gives long-lasting curl, 94% said eyes look more wide open.

Price and where did I buy it?: P1300 at Rustan's Shangri-la.

Why is it my favorite? If you guys have seen my review, you'd know that I practically raved about this mascara. It works wonders especially having long but straight eyelashes like mine.
To see my review on this item, click HERE

2nd, Another item that I reviewed about is Etude House's I Need You: Tea Tree Mask. I've been using this mask since January this year due to a friend's recommendation. After I tried some other face masks, I just always came back to this one.

Item Description: This mask sheet contains extract from the clean herb, Tea tree extract (Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract, with soothing properties on skin to provide a fresh, clean complexion.

Price and where did I buy it?: P58 at the Etude House Boutique in SM Megamall.

Why is it my favorite? The scent and the feel to my skin that it leaves after using this mask is what I love about it. Plus, it's in my budget range.
To see my review on this item, click HERE

Next one is Etude House's Play Nail #42 PP503. I had this manicure ever since September 2014, I just never used it that much before that it was practically at the very bottom of my manicure rack. I started using it again and I am inlove.

Item Description: There wasn't any relevant description of this item on their site, but they have this manicure in so many different colors.
Price and where did I buy it?: P128 at the Etude House boutique in SM Megamall.

Why is it my favorite? Well for one is that I had this manicure for awhile and yet it didn't dry out comparing to my other manicure that I owned about the same time. After 1 week of applying it, it still looks great even with a little chip here and there but not really that noticeable and it's great for women like me who are practically always doing household chores.

For Accessories...

I'll be showing you guys just 1 accessory this month since I wasn't really a fan of them at 1st but I think I am now hooked. So this one is a necklace from Forever 21. I bought this necklace last month all because when I was walking around the store, I kept passing by this necklace and it never failed to grab my attention every time. I tried it on and decided to get it since I don't really have a necklace anyway. 

Item Description: I can't find it on their website but its practically just a little long necklace with 2 circles attached together in the color gold.

Price and where did I buy it?: I lost the receipt but it was more or less P280 at Forever 21.

Why is it my favorite? I really do not own that much accessories (now that I think about it, I have almost none.) and whenever I wear this with my plain T-shirts (which I really love because its so comfortable), it doesn't give me that plain jane vibe. I really like that it isn't itchy on my neck like the old necklaces I used to have.

Okay, so for food...

If some of you guys are in the Philippines then you would know how much the weather is torturing all of us. So my favorite snack or dessert now is Magnolia Vanilla Ice Cream (No sugar added). My favorite Ice cream flavors are chocolate, cookies and cream, ube and vanilla but I didn't want to feel guilty about eating it everyday so I chose this one that didn't have sugar (yes, I personally think it is perfect for my now diet).

Item Description: I cant find any description besides for the fact that it's flavor is Vanilla and it has no sugar in it.

Price and where did I buy it? P140 at Shopwise Antipolo

Why is it my favorite? I love ice cream, and having a bit of guilt free and its cheap, then I think this is worth it. It tastes amazing and me and my brother are addicted to it, we just can't leave Shopwise without buying this. And with the weather right now, it is the perfect comfort food. 

I found a new workout instructor online!

Well not a personal instructor but a trainer in youtube he is Millionaire Hoy and he will help you tone and burn the fats of your body. I found him I think 2 months ago and he is amazing. I have a love hate relationship with him because he knows how to get me sweating like mad but at the same time teaches alternatives if you can't do specific moves or can't keep up with the whole routine. I could honestly compare him with the Insanity workout. He has videos of all sorts of workouts and he tries and reply to everyone who asks him questions with suggestions relevant to the question. So check him out.. click HERE

Favorite Song / Artist that I was practically jamming to 24/7 this month...

Zella Day. I just recently found her I think on youtube while I was just watching music video after music video. I love her. Her voice is amazing and unique. Her video for her song Hypnotic gives out a different vibe to the regular videos we see nowadays. I like how deep the lyrics on her songs are that sometimes makes me think like "why didn't I thought of that?". So check her out if you haven't already since I'm guessing I'm a bit late to ship her career. My most favorite song of hers, I couldn't really pick just one but its 1965, Compass and Hypnotic. I made it as my background music on my tumblr page if you wanna have a quick listen of it. 

 For my most viewed blogger this month... 

As you guys may now know, I'm pretty new to step into the beauty community. I always loved makeup but finally deciding to be part of being in the community to give advice and opinions is still so new, so I do look up to the veterans that are in this field for a very long time now. 

I found this blogger while I was trying to find a good and honest review about the item I was wanting to buy (I forgot which item that was.) And I stumbled upon Tang QiaoQiao's blog a.k.a. "Try dream a little dream". She has a really cute blog and her posts are just so creative and informative. She was 1 of the 1st few beauty gurus blogs that I followed. So check her blog out HERE.  Her Google+ is here: +Tang QiaoQiao 


Anyway, I think that is all the things I've been loving this month and hope that you guys find this useful if you are looking to try these out too. So +1, follow or comment down below if you guys have / had the same things that you like or if you guys have suggestions that you think I may like. 

Thanks for reading, until the next blog!

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  1. I've heard great things about the Roller Lash Mascara but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet...I'm stubborn when it comes to more expensive mascaras because I find the cheap ones work just as well...maybe I'll pick it up though...thanks!!


  2. Hi Aubrey, yea it is abit pricey but I think its pretty worth it. you could try the maybeline Pumped up colossal mascara. I've heard some good reviews about that too.


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