Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life update.

Hey everybody! Hope that you are all doing well. I've recently had internet connection problems so I was bored out of my mind. Anyway, I started to continue writing my book. No one's really waiting for me to release it so I'm really taking my time in trying to perfect it which is stress free for me. I just really liked writing ever since I was about 7 but it wasn't something that was my number 1 dream to be a writer, it is just a hobby that I wanna put out to the public soon. 

I am currently watching keeping up with the kardashians.. Seriously, it is my guilty pleasure. I just love the fact that they look makeup / perfectly ready all the time. They are gorgeous. I'll also rewatch the whole season 5 of pretty little liars today because tomorrow season 6 will be relased and I am very excited about it. I'll probably be binge make gifs tomorrow for my tumblr because it was awhile since I last made one. 

I'll also be posting new content tomorrow for this blog so it is really exciting. So I will be watching my shows now and relax because tomorrow is gonna be a happily busy day for me.


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