Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A letter to my younger self - Your makeup.

Dear 14 year old Joyce,

Little girl, You are creative and beautiful. Don't let other people tell you otherwise, they don't understand that putting on makeup is your way of expressing yourself. Don't be frustrated that you can't do professional looking makeup, it will get better, you will improve. The people who told you that you must wear less makeup because they want to see you that way... don't listen to them because you can do whatever you wish, whatever makes you happy.. and wearing less isn't going to make you happy but will only restrain you from your creativity. Don't let it be the reason to let go of what you really want.

Those girls who raise their eyebrows at your style, those who teases you and calls you ugly, don't bother with them. Remember that there will be a time where they'll need your help. There are people who still think you're really good at what you do, focus on them and ignore the people who think you should just stop.

You we're always a trendsetter on which makeup product was good and people asked and copied you, but you don't have to return the favor and copy them too. Not everything works best on everybody, so you do you.

You know that you are creative, but there will be times that you get really frustrated that you'll wear really ridiculous amount of products or overpluck your eyebrows that you will regret doing because you weren't ready or wasn't comfortable enough. Baby steps child, like I said, you will improve.

I think that you should believe in yourself. Just practice and don't compare yourself to others. Don't be afraid to make some mistakes here and there, there is nothing you do then that I can't fix right now. And I can assure you, I am fine.So don't worry about me and just have fun.

From the almost 21 year old you,
Joyce ♥

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