Tuesday, November 8, 2016

All In The Mole.

I wasn't always proud of this mole. I actually spent most of my life hating it because as I was growing up, kids just kept teasing me that it makes me look ugly and weird or maybe they were calling me "Nora" or "Gloria" ( An actress and a former president in the Philippines). It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but for kids, they made it seem like it was. Some of them even went as far as mocking me for my mole and told me that it'll grow bigger and bigger until it eats up my whole face.

It didn't really stop there. Some of the adults would comment on it that my mole looks "alive" (buhay na buhay) and would describe me to people as the really light skinned kid with a mole. I just hated being described like that and it just made me think that one day I'll have it removed. I was so convinced on removing it until I was 17. You could tell that I just hated it so much because I would even go to an extent of covering it with makeup just because I thought I looked better that way.

I later realized that this mole is what actually differentiates me from other people. It's cool to think that I could actually pull off having it on my face and being lucky that it's natural and doesn't cause any complications to my health. I then started calling it my beauty mark. What added to my confidence was looking at Norma Jean a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was a very beautiful woman that her mole became a very big asset to her. Her mole was definitely natural, although a little bit faint, she would enhance it more by darkening it. She did however got tired of it in some part of her life, especially with people trying to replicate that mole, so she in a movie that she starred in, she covered up her mole. Nonetheless, she still rocked that look and I'm happy that I have the almost exact same one. (Fun fact: I was born years after the same date that Marilyn Monroe died, a few minutes difference but technically the same. Maybe that's why I feel so passionate about her?)

I'm really happy that I overcame something that everybody made fun of me for and that made me hate how I looked. I have no more plans on having my mole removed and I now want to keep it forever and I actually want people to notice it more.

I'm just really proud of it now.

Painting above is made by my friend Elix. I showed her a painting of some lips that I told her I want it done almost the same but add a mole to it. So, thank you Elix if you're reading this. Her blog will be coming soon all about her artwork, I'll keep you guys posted about that. For now, if you wanna see more of her work or if you want something to be made by her, click HERE.


  1. I think your mole looks awesome. Glad you didn't remove it. Would have been a big mistake. It's a Marilyn Monroe mole! I have a mole on on my left cheek and I sometimes darken it lol. It's not as cool as a Marilyn one though.

    1. I'm sure it's just as nice! Here's to the mole family! xD

  2. it is you beauty mark for sure!! it is the imperfections that distinguishes us and makes us beautiful!

  3. You are so pretty. People who made those comments are so cruel. And uh, Cindy Crawford has a mole and she's one of the most beautiful people in the world! I'm glad you reazlied that this park is not an imperfection, but a mark of differentiation, and that's beautiful. :)


  4. You look great dear!


  5. You look like Cindy Crawford!!! You are so beautiful!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. You are really beautiful and your mole is part of it!
    kss honey
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  7. You're beautiful because of your mole. :D

    Me, I have a lot of little black spots on my face (inherited them from my Mom which inherited them from her Mom, and so on). I don't like them because they make my face look so dirty. I always need to conceal them every time, and that is time consuming. :(


  8. Yes ! Its true! That mark makes you beautiful. I know of people who mark their faces with that exact mark because they believe it beautiful. I am glad that you grew above those mean comments because you're beautiful.


  9. You are a very beautiful girl, Joyce and the mole makes you even more pretty. Embrace what you have, luv.

  10. I think beauty marks like this are gorgeous!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Your beauty mark looks absolutely stunning on you. No one can tell you otherwise :)

  12. Your mole looks so pretty on you... :)


  13. I love your mole, it's so Cindy Crawford. It's so great you've grown to love it! Back in the day I use to draw moles on with eyeliner! Hehe xx


  14. You are so beautiful dear, So many beautiful women are known for their prominent facial moles, such as of course Marilyn Monroe
    Have a nice day :)


  15. You look beautiful! I think the mole looks great :)


  16. your mole is so cute!


  17. Great post and I'm glad that you are embracing your beauty!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  18. I always thought that people that had a mole in their face looked special and unique and this is a part of you, a part of your beauty and it is so nice you are embracing it! You are so beautiful girl! x


  19. I think it looks really cute - and it's good to have things that differentiate you from others! I have a mole too and used to hate it, but now it's just part of my face that I barely notice!
    Amy xx

  20. I'm so pleased to hear your mole doesn't bother you anymore and that you're proud of it - it's something that makes you unique, and personally I think it's very flattering on you! Think of it as a 'beauty spot' :) Also, your friend Elix is very talented - fabulous painting!


  21. Well done, hun! You're a mature and intelligent person and that's why the mole passed to be from an annoying thing to a your own trait!
    This isn't a so quick and easy transition (especially if you had been tease for it, kids can be really cruel), but you get it, and that's great!
    You're very beautiful, sweetie, non need to change anything!

  22. Glad you embraced it, I think your mole is beautiful!

  23. You are such a beautiful young woman. People that made fun of you were probably super jealous

  24. What for a coincidence with Marilyn Monroe's time and your birth date! I think you look very beautiful and the mole is a nice thing! I am glad that you are proud of it now! Hope you have a very nice week!

  25. You look so pretty with this mole, it's good that you've overcome this problem and that now you're accepting it, right now many people are making mole tattoo just to have this Marilyn Monroe look. This painting is great, your friend is very talented :)

  26. you look so pretty! it is awesome that you accepted your mole as a beauty mark...moles can be so cute and yours is so lovely! Most women we consider to be great beauties had or have moles and Monroe was one of them.

  27. Wow your friend is talented. This is such a great story! Love how you told us how your self criticism changed to self love over time. People hate so much, but when you can find a way to love yourself through it, it makes you a stronger person! And you're so beautiful, a total Marilyn!!!

    xx Yasmin

  28. I have a small birthmark on my stomach that I used to absolutely hate when I was younger and be so self-conscious of it and try to think of ways to get rid of it e.g. make up. When I got older however, I slowly forgot all about it, even when I was wearing a bikini on the beach. I just accepted that it was a part of me. I am happy to hear you have the same thoughts not about your beauty mark. Embrace it! It is a wonderful part of who you are!

    Emily | http://www.emilytrinh.com/theres-monster-bed/

  29. I'm glad you didn't listen to their nonsense. It looks beautiful on you and always remember it is your trademark.

  30. I love your mole ! It looks just so beautiful on you!


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