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Paranormal Experiences (with pictures) | 2016

I haven't posted much about Halloween this year which is quite new for me since it's one of my favorite events in a year. So, I decided to catch up. Today I wanted to tell you guys about my recent paranormal experiences. I know, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'd probably remember me talking about some of my other experiences last year. If you want to know about what happened or you just really like paranormal experience stories, then click here for the Part 1 and click here for the Part 2.


This happened back in July this year, around 7:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Me and my brother went upstairs after dinner and I saw my brother went inside his room and closed the door behind him. I then went to my room and left the door open just so I could hear my brother if he went out of the room and needed something. So, I grabbed my iPad and started to load up a youtube video (couldn't remember what video that was but for sure it was some sort of vlog) and the volume was very low, like I'm the only one who could hear it. I laid on my bed with my back facing my door. After a few minutes, I felt someone climb in bed beside me, like I really felt like someone lay behind my back but when I looked back, no one was beside me, really nothing at all so maybe I was just being paranoid but, I could've sworn that I really felt something so I decided to get up from my bed and when I looked outside of my door, I could see the light switch outside my room by the stairs and I saw this:

This photo is unedited, I swear to all of you. It doesn't even give it justice because it's much more clearer in person than it is in the photo. Okay so for me, it kind of looks like some sort of claw. Trust me when I say that it was never there when we came up from having dinner and I would know because I'm the one who turned the light on and I would notice something like this. My brother never left his room because I would hear it if he did since he also has one of the loudest doors ever. I just took a picture of it to show it to my friend and my mom because I didn't think that it was some sort of ghost at first. I was actually worried that someone may got into the house (like an intruder or something) so I checked every single room, every closet, under the beds, storage room, back room everywhere but I saw no one. I also remembered that I never opened the doors to the house for the whole day that day. I wiped it off and it came off pretty easy and I just used a damp tissue.


This, I couldn't explain it myself but I was inside my room and was laying in my bed when I was on my phone. I remember being on twitter at that time just scrolling through my feed and reading almost every tweet I see because I was bored. This was in the middle of the day, around 2:57 p.m. It was dead silent. My brother was in his room and wasn't making a sound. And you know how apple introduced this "Hey siri" feature that you can access Siri even if you aren't holding your phone and you just need to say "Hey Siri". So yea, something weird happened:

Can I just ask why do I not see the "Hey Siri" command? I'm also 100% sure that I did not press anything to activate Siri because I was reading someone's tweet at that time and IF (I'm saying that it's really impossible!) I did, who the hell asked "who's there?!" It was so quiet that the only noise there, was air. And Siri, you aren't really making it better now aren't you? I was just so freaked out that I asked Siri about it (I was freaked out okay! lol)

It's just way too creepy that I just stopped and let my phone die and charged it. It didn't really happen again which I'm very thankful for because I am constantly on my phone.

"Out of body experience"

This is the thing I've been experiencing for quite awhile now. Like me managing to watch myself sleep as if I'm another person in my dream but still looks exactly the same as me. This time, I got to actually wander while my body was sleeping in my bed. For some reason, in this dream along with my other dreams similar to this, everything was just dark and if you know me, I never sleep with the lights off in my room (I'm really a scaredy cat).

So yea,  I was asleep in my bed and I suddenly woke up with someone breathing down my neck, I looked back and I saw that it was me. For whatever reason I started kicking her (or me) out of my bed and I grabbed her hair and she looked straight at me. She said (or I said, I know this is confusing) "Wake up. You're dreaming. Wake up. They're coming". The thoughts in my head were like "who are you and who tf is coming?" but having to hate people who don't follow instructions in horror movies, I realized that this was actually a dream and I tried following what she (or I) said by closing my eyes and willing myself to wake up.

I woke up in my bed again but the other me is gone and everything was just dark. I got out of bed and I looked down at myself and I could actually feel that I'm still asleep but I couldn't get myself to wake up yet. So, in "spirit form" or "dream form" or whatever you'd like to call it, I walked out of my room to check on my brother. Again, this is the first time that I can wander while my body is sleeping. He was sleeping so soundly but I saw a cockroach by his door. I know that he hates cockroaches so I grabbed a broom and tried to kill it. It ran away and I couldn't find it. Suddenly I had some spiders crawling up my legs so I went straight to the bathroom to wash them off. Then, the bathroom door closed and locked itself. I tried opening it but it wouldn't give in (you can only lock the door from the inside btw so idk what was happening). I tried making some noise by hitting the door with my hand but nothing's happening. Mind you, I was asleep and in some sort of way, I kind of hear something banging whilst I was sleeping (pretty weird and I can't explain it any clearer) but I couldn't wake up. So, I started to panic but the door started to open so I ran out and checked on my brother one more time and ran to my bedroom. It felt so far away, like really it takes about 3 seconds from my bathroom to my bedroom but in this dream it took like a minute but I made it. When I reached my door, I woke up. This time I really woke up and everything was bright and looked normal. It was 3:02 a.m., took me a minute or two to recover and make sure I'm not trapped in some sort of bizarre dream again.

Nothing happened after that, other than me not being able to go back to sleep because I was kind of shaken up. But yea, everything was normal.

So those are my paranormal experiences this year. Thankfully it wasn't as many as last time and hopefully, no more of them the next time because I am the most coward of a person ever. Like I literally could not stand to watch a whole horror movie (I still haven't seen shutter or conjuring because I know I won't be able to handle it!) so I don't know why these things keep happening to me. I guess making up for some lost experiences because I don't watch horror movies? Idk but I hope that you liked it and Happy Halloween everybody!

Until the next post,


Halloween / Pumpkin socks from Topshop. More of my Haul from last year here.


  1. This is so freaky omg! (hope you have a good halloween)

  2. I like your blog, its really dope.
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  3. I've been experiencing sleep paralysis for years, and then recently, I got to experience astral projection. I was freaked out to see myself sleeping, that I decided not to wander around. Instead I calmly lie on my bed with my sleeping position until I felt something draw a line from my back to my nape and then I was awake. Yours was really creepy though! :(

    Lyka Chiang

  4. The claw thing is so creepy! It's pretty cool that you got a photo though, as prove!


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