Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Beauty Brands That I Wish Were In Philippines.

It is quite frustrating when you follow all these amazing makeup artist, beauty junkies / enthusiast and gurus all around the world and then you see a specific product that they use that aren't available anywhere near the place you live. Finding a legit seller online for these products are what I think is the hardest, the reason is, its more expensive than the usual price or what you would expect if it ever came to the Philippines. It's pretty crazy and you just know that you'd have to deal with those things all over again just to get a product or two that you really wanna have. Dedication, I applaud all of us for having the patience for beauty.

So these are the beauty stores that I really wish would open here in the Philippines: 
Disclaimer: Logo Images aren't mine, found them on google.

1. Urban Decay

When I was starting out with makeup and watching all these beauty gurus play around with their looks, I have always seen these NAKED palettes, foundation, etc. And this was years ago, until now, I do not own a single urban decay product because I really do wanna see them in person, swatch and match my color, or just to simply stroll by (their products are also a pretty sight).

2. Soap And Glory

Not gonna lie, I was first attracted to these products because of it's packaging. And then after awhile, I just kept hearing all the recommendations and reviews about all sorts of products from this brand. And if what I heard is true, this brand is considered to be on the drugstore range, so I'm guessing if it would open here in the Philippines, a lot of us would surely invest / try out as much as we can.

3. Rimmel London

I'm pretty jealous that this brand is so well-known + its also a drugstore. The quality, the packaging and the actual product are what I love about this brand. Knowing how affordable their products are, beauty junkies like me would most likely be happy if they finally decided to open one here since seeing how many people are already buying as much as they can from online sellers from this brand, its no doubt that this would be quite a hit in the Philippines.

4. Bath & Body Works

I often see this around youtube, their products are so cool that I tend to get upset that I realize it is available nowhere near from where I live. 

5. Kat Von D

The first product that I seen on youtube under this brand is the Shade + light palette, I know I'm kinda late on actually knowing this brand but after having to deal with not having most of the brands available in our country, I try to stay away / not listen to unfamiliar names but seriously, I just wanted that palette so much that I was pretty bummed when I knew they didn't have it in the Philippines. And is it just me or whenever I get curious about a brand, its when I see all these products that I wanna get my hands on? And it isn't just 1 or 2 products, it's a handful.

Runner ups - It is pretty hard to narrow it all down, but I definitely wanna see these brands hitting the stores in the Philippines too!
♥ Too Faced
♥ Lorac
♥ Tarte 

So what do you guys think? What brands do you want to open in the Philippines? Leave a comment down below and hopefully, these brands would answer our prayers and also make our beauty journey easier.

Also, I'm currently searching for some online beauty stores in the Philippines. I already found some but would love to have more options, so if you guys know any, do leave a comment down below. 

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!


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