Monday, August 10, 2015

Fashion 21 Eyeliner Pencil In The Color White Review

As I was scrolling through tumblr or weheartit, I keep noticing these girls who wear white eyeliner and decided that I should probably try it too because it is always fun experimenting with makeup. So I got this eyeliner during my birthday haul, it was cheap and seems like I could practice and play around with it.

Price and where did I buy it?
It is P85 ($1.86) and I got this from the SM Department Store at SM Megamall. If I'm not wrong, you could probably get it at any SM malls or at any Watsons branch.

What do I think of this product?
While I was looking for an eyeliner, I think this one stood out to me the most because besides the fact that it's cheap, it is also a double sided eyeliner with the pencil on one side and a smudging brush on the other. The product is very creamy but not that pigmented, you'll need to put abit of more coats after another to get the result that you need. Having to wear it on the day of my birthday, it lasted me for 5-6 hours without any smudging (or I'm just missing something because it's white colored and not obvious if it smudged?) Although, I could say that the smudging brush does kind of erase the product whenever I tend to use it on my waterline but using the product and the brush for my inner corners, it does work well and lasts until how long I want it to be there. Easy to reapply and put coats after another. And I'm not sure if I'm the only one who finds this satisfying but I hate it when the caps are way too loose and I tend to lose them everytime, this eyeliner though, the caps are sturdy and I really won't have to worry about losing them or breaking them. I do kind of wish that I knew the ingredients that were used on this product because I can't seem to find it on their website at the moment.

Is it worth the money?
I am pretty sure that this has been worth my money because even if its not that pigmented at the 1st application, you'll still get the results that you want once you really work with it. Plus the smudging brush has good uses for my eyeshadow too. It is inexpensive so I get to test out the styles I wanna do using this product.

So that has been my review for this eyeliner and I hope that it has helped you guys if you are wanting to try this one out too. Be sure to leave a comment for any questions, suggestions or discussions and I'll be sure to reply as much as I can.

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!
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