Wednesday, June 3, 2015

On The Budget [P500] - Inside My Stash.

Welcome back to my blog everybody! If you're new here, Hi I'm Joyce and as what the title says, I will be showing you guys some products that is inside my stash that are worth P500 or below. I got this idea from a magazine I was reading and I thought, why not show you guys what I purchased that are budget friendly but is still amazing regardless if it is not that high end. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. "Breath Of Fresh Air" by: Lush. I got this for P395 at the Lush store at Shangri-la near SM Megamall. A lovely spray toner with a calm scent. I do recommend using a cotton ball for it since the spray of the toner is so wide.

2. "Drawing Eye Brow" by: Etude House (I'm using the color #3). I got this for P148 at the Etude House store at SM Megamall. It is a double sided pencil and spoolie brush. It doesn't fade althroughout the day even if I am constantly sweating and the spoolie brush isn't really the best but it's not painful to use. The downside is this product is only available in so few colors. It is easy to remove and fills in the brows nicely.

3. "iWhite Nose Pack". I got this for P18 at Watson's in SM taytay. First of all it is super cheap / very affordable and 1 sachet for me can be used for 2-3 times. It is unscented and abit of a thick texture. You could honestly feel the black heads / white heads coming off of your nose. The only downside of it is that it will be messy once you start applying it and abit painful when peeling it off but I guarantee it does do it's job very well. 

4. "Color My Brows" by: Etude House (I'm using the color #2). I got this for P378 at the Etude House store at SM Megamall. Having really thick eyebrows was a struggle for me at 1st because I wanted to fill it in with another color or shape it but not looking like I tried to much. This product helped me achieve that since it is an eye brow mascara that matches my dyed hair color. It's scent is nice but not overpowering. The downside may be that the brush grabs on to too much product. Now I pair this after using my eyebrow pencil (my number 2 product) and it gives me a smooth finish.  It is available on 5 more colors so check it out.

5. "Pretty When Pinched" lip and cheek tint by: Bench. I've had this product for about a year already (don't judge me, I tend to not finish a product often.. sorry!) and I remember I got this for a cheap price but now that I searched it, it says that this is about P180 at any Bench store. The applicator for this is what I don't like + the scent. But when you get past that, it looks really great as a blush, for the lips though.. it is abit drying. I think that most Filipino girls has this on their stash because it does work great and if you don't have it yet, then you should go ahead and try it! It is only available in this color if I'm not wrong (I don't even know if they changed the packaging or not) but I've been using this product ever since I was in 2nd year high school and it is loved by most of my schoolmates before until today.

Now, wasn't all that affordable! Hope that you guys liked the read and helped you if you are finding affordable but works great essentials. I will be posting more of these because I am guilty of trying out way too much drugstore makeup and finding the cheapest stuff on a specific brand.

So if you like this do +1 it and follow me for more updates or comment your suggestions on what you think is below P500 that works great too.

Thanks for reading this entry, until the next blog!

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