Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back To School: Beauty Essentials!

Good Day Everybody! I know I'm pretty late with the back to school post (classes in the Philippines started last June 1st) but I think this will still be helpful if you wanted to grab some stuff that you now know that you need or if you're classes haven't started yet, then you'll need these beauty products for sure. So let's get started!

So, when I was in high school, I experimented with lots of makeup but due to the school policy, I had to keep it to a minimum. Although, that didn't really stop me to look pretty and still express myself yet still looking natural.

1. Concealer for me back then is my best friend. With this product, I could hide some unwanted blemishes or spots that my adolescent days were giving me. I didn't really like having them and it irritates me that my classmates tend to notice it whenever they talk to me. So this is a life saver. (Fake Up Concealer by: Benefit. I got it on a travel size from the flawless four package that included other products for about P1,300.)

2. A little blush goes a long way. Ever had one of those days where you look like you just wanna go home, you feel that your face is so flushed that it makes you look like you aren't a morning person? Well, try and invest on some light blush on. Besides looking cute, having some color in your face makes you look like you did some effort putting yourself together since it makes your cheeks pop but not clashing with your school uniform. Finding the right light blush color for your skin tone would really look natural and doesn't restrict you from experimenting with makeup while at school. (Nichido Cheek Mousse from Watsons. I remember getting this for about P164 before.)

3. Hair tie. Okay, seriously though, how many hair ties do you lose in a week? Uhuh, yea me too. I lose quite a lot because when your at school, you tend to want to tie your hair in the middle of the day and sometimes other girls would borrow from you too. Taking it off at the end of the day and finding it the next day is always a struggle if you aren't a super neat kid (Yea, I'm not organized with my hair ties at all). So, do try and buy those little hair ties that are way too many for you to even lose and put it in your makeup bag. That way, you won't have to waste time struggling to find where you last placed your hair tie and actually do some work with that time. (Hair ties from Forever 21. P89)

4. Lip Balm. Yes you do need this since when you are in school, the weather seems to be on it's best with confusing how you should feel. (Especially now in the Philippines it's either raining or sunny.) I don't know why but my lips are the best to react to weather changes so this is a necessity for me or if you just have really dry lips and don't feel like packing on some vaseline on it then this is the best way to go. This is also a replacement if you wanted some color on your lips but don't want to go to heavy on lip sticks, just buy the tinted ones that you know won't break the school policy. (Cherry Chapstick from Watsons. I forgot the price but below P100)

5. Hair Removal Cream. Okay, so I had this issue before that when I shave or pluck, my arm pits just gets irritated by it and makes me self conscious whenever there's an event at school that I must wear some things that are sleeveless. So if you are having the same problem, you could try using the hair removal cream. Just make sure you do a patch test first before you actually use it to make sure you aren't allergic to the product and make sure you follow the instructions. (Veet Hair Removal Cream from Watsons. More or less P116)

6. Powder. I think that if you don't like having a full on coverage but have super oily skin, then do invest on some good powder. It makes you look a bit more flawless and controls the oils on your skin. There are just those times where you'll have to reapply but not really that bothersome. (Hello Flawless Powder by: Benefit. I got it on a travel size from the flawless four package that included other products for about P1,300.)

Alright, so I guess that are some of the beauty necessities that got me through my high school days. It isn't a lot yes, but it did make a difference. So hopefully you guys found this helpful and +1 or comment down below your suggestions or what are your beauty essentials for school.

Thanks for reading guys, until the next blog!

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