Monday, October 12, 2015

Haul! Halloween, Beauty, Art Related Products.

Me and my brother went to SM Megamall last Friday and we got stuff for Halloween and other random things. I don't know, I'm really a sucker for Halloween, I just love it! Eventhough I'm pretty much a wimp and scared of ghosts. Anyway, here are the things that I got, First the halloween stuff:

Cat Ears with gems headband from H&M P399 ($8.73 USD). I do wanna dress up for Halloween but I decided it to be a little bit low key so I just got these cat ears to be really simple but cute at the same time.

Chromastix Hair Chalk (with applicator) P149 ($3.26 USD) and Chromastix Hair Chalk Intense P99 ($2.17 USD). Like I said, I actually wanted to go abit lowkey on the Halloween Costume so I just decided to put different colors on my hair. Looks really simple and looks like I've made an effort.

Face & Body Crayons from National Bookstore P36.50 ($0.80 USD). I have an idea on how I wanted to dress up my brother as for Halloween so I got this to put face paint on him for that day. I remember getting this for a school fair back in high school and it worked perfectly so hopefully this'll be enough.

lol (Lots Of Love) Eyeshadow in 01 Black Betty from SM Department Store P139 ($3.04 USD) I am contemplating if I wanted to go for a bit of a dark or metallic look for Halloween so I got this palette since I don't have any of these colors in my vanity and would be able to experiment on which one I would like because it has both of the colors that  I imagined that I want to use.

Nichido Tru Lashes Eyelash Adhesive from SM Department Store P60 ($1.31 USD). If you read a previous haul of mine, you'd know that I do not have any eyelash adhesive so I got this one to dress up my eyes and finally get to use my fake eyelashes.

Sweet Cherry Nail Polish in Magic Black from SM Department Store P17.75 ($0.39 USD). I have an idea of a nail art that I wanted to do for Halloween and when I checked my stash I noticed that I was out of black nail polish so I got this and hope that it works well.

For other non-halloween related beauty or fashion products...

Tights 2 Pack from H&M. The original price was P499 ($10.92 USD) but it went on sale for P150 ($3.28 USD). I don't own any tights or stockings and when I saw this, I decided to get it because I don't know when I might need them so it's nice to have some in my closet.

Color My Brows from Etude House in #6 P498 ($10.90 USD). If you have been reading around  my blog posts related to beauty for awhile now, you would know that I really love this product and I kept repurchasing this over and over. I only now noticed that they have a bigger version of what I used to buy but the numbers are different. I used to always get the #2 and that is #6 on the bigger sized ones. I used up all of my small ones so I got this and hopefully it'll last me a lot longer.

Minimal Shirt from Forever 21 P445 ($9.74 USD). I am all about that comfy t-shirt life so I got this one that says Minimal on it. Pretty simple and cute, a good shirt to throw in for everyday or when you're doing errands.

For non-beauty related stuff that I got...

A plain lined notebook from National Bookstore P99 ($2.17 USD). I actually needed a new notebook to write some stuff on since I used all of my usual ones up and my phone is working overtime from taking notes so I got this really light and plain one that I could decorate when I feel like it.

Best Buy Fine tip brushes from National Bookstore P194 ($4.25 USD). I have picked up a new hobby which is caligraphy / lettering or just painting in general. So I got these little brushes to practice on.

Best Buy's 12 Brush from National Bookstore P32 ($0.70 USD). I don't any kind of brush like this since I just got some flat tip ones and I've been wanting to design something that would involve me using something like this so yeap, picked that up and hope that it would be really useful.

So I guess that's it for this haul and hope that you find this somehow helpful if you are trying to find some products or stuff like these and where to get them or how much were they. If you have any more questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to reply to them as soon as I see them.

Also, watch out for my upcoming Halloween series on this blog. So subscribe to me if you haven't already and I'll try my best to not disappoint.

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