Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life Update

Hello everybody!

So it is finally August, time moves so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating new year's with my brother and a party with my neighbors. Now it's suddenly my birth month! I will be turning 21 this Wednesday, August 5th. I'm not really planning anything spectacular for that day, I'll just probably head out with my brother to eat and go to church, maybe watch a movie too.

I have also been not posting for awhile and now I would change that because I have a list on what I expect my blog to be and also new content for me to try and do. I really love blogging and eventhough I don't post as much, I still find myself reading other people's blogs which still keeps me on track.

I am also currently still working on a book that I'm writing and hopefully (not that sure yet), I'll be able to put it out for everybody to read. I have also gained a lot of weight from being as lazy as I am and now, I wanna start getting back on track and continue my dream of becoming fit. I'm currently looking at exercise bikes too and would most likely get one within this week or next week since I already have my options and just deciding which one I would get and I will be posting all about it once I have it delivered and tested out.

As for online games, I just recently announced to my guild mates and friends that I have finally quit playing Dragon Nest Sea and would move on to another game. The reason being is not because that I'm really busy but because I've been playing that game for quite a long time, like I was 17 when I started then I'm now turning 21. I practically grew up in that game with all my other guild members that was a lot like my virtual family. I think that I finally got tired of its repetitive-ness every cap having to start with absolutely 0 but nonetheless, it still has one of the most amazing gameplays especially on PVP which makes you have a hard time picking out another game that would compare to the experience this game has given you. My guildies and me do stay in contact and we are discussing what games we should play all together again which is kind of hard since everybody pretty much has different opinions on games that they wanna try out so I doubt that we would all end up on a single game. But some people are willing to try out another game with me which we are currently waiting for the open beta and that is Tree Of Savior. It's an MMO on steam and many people describes it as something quite similar to the 1st Ragnarok game. I however have not ever played ragnarok (Except for the mobile game) and have high expectations towards this game because of all the hype that's circling around it. As for mobile games, I'm on and off playing Toram Online, another MMO Rpg game which actually surprised me that it is so different. It's 3d and open world, the graphics are good too and it's easy to play. Although, it does have issues with other mobile users because it keeps on crashing after you create a character. Another mobile game is Heroes Of Order And Chaos. I have been playing this game for years, it is a tower-defense sort of game and it reminds me a lot of League Of Legends. It does help entertain me when I have nothing else to do and I don't know, it's just a chill game that I like.

For T.V. shows or series, nothing new, I'm still watching Pretty Little Liars (No spoilers! I Promise!) and yes I am very much updated and have also been guilty of rewatching it all over again right from season 1. Can't believe it will only be 2 episodes until the summer finale. I'll be able to watch the next episode on my birthday which I am so excited about  and yes in case any of you are wondering, PLL premiers every Wednesday here in the Philippines just a few minutes after most of you have watched in on a Tuesday ( Took me awhile to figure out all the time difference). I am also currently watching out for some new shows that I would like so if there are any suggestions, do tell me.

I'm also really thinking about putting some blonde highlights on my hair, kind of like a balayage style. Last month was the 1st time that I ever colored my own hair and now I am feeling so confident to play with it. So we will see if I do go through with it.

And yea, I guess that is it and I'm really thinking about what post I should make on my birthday. I have some options already so it may not be just a single post. I'll see what I can do and I will be heading out soon and getting some new beauty products to try out and some new clothes because I have literally been wearing the same comfy stuff all the time and I should probably get new ones that actually flatter my new body shape and still feel comfortable in. I don't know why but my body constantly keeps changing sizes like last year I was super thin and now I got curves, I like either way although sometimes its getting hard to pick out some clothes. Well, whatever I'll enjoy and flaunt the curves I have now before it disappears again (if it will, I don't know).

 Hope that everybody would have an amazing August!

Thanks for reading and until the next blog,

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