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The Liebster Award

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome back to my blog and if you're new here, hello I'm Joyce and today I will be talking to you guys about a certain award that I was tagged / nominated to. I very much agreed to the person who included me on her nominees that this is a good way of getting to know more about bloggers who share the same passion as you. Whether we share the same niche or not, it is our job to be part of the ongoing blogging community.

Alright, So I'm assuming that most of you have heard of the "Liebster Award". I wasn't quite familiar with this until I was tagged so I will brief what it's about. So this is from Wording Well, (I took a screenshot of it)

So that's what this award is all about and I will be nominating bloggers who have caught my attention with their passion or just their lovely personalities that I would really love to get to know more of. (Hi there! I'm a fan of yours!) And without further ado, let's get started.

11 Random Facts About Myself:

1. I secretly love being part of a competition. I always feel that if I am good enough to be part of it, then I have a chance of winning. 
2. I am a chatterbox. I would talk to you about almost anything once you start talking to me. I never had this trait or personality before. As I grew up, I just started developing it maybe because I got tired of being referred to as the "quiet one".
3. I remember modeling for a clothing brand when I was really young, although I can't remember what it was.Would have to ask my mom about that.
4. I will probably be one of the most stubborn person that you will ever meet. If you say I can't do it or I must not do it, as long as I know that I won't harm or hurt anyone then I would most likely do it just to prove you otherwise. A thing that saved and got me to trouble most of the time.
5. I always go over the top when someone expects or ask me to do something for them. I don't know why I do it, but when you trust me with something, I do my best to not disappoint. 
6. I have a secret talent with remembering phone numbers. Once someone tells me their number vocally, even just once. I'd remember it for quite a long time. I don't even try and remember it, It just happens. Something that came handy in sticky situations and saved my butt for countless of times. 
7. I am one of those people who are very sentimental of their belongings. Most of the things I own are either gifted by special people in my life or have a great meaning to me.
8. I am a firm believer that if someone really wants you, they will come back on their own. Its like trying out a new restaurant, whether you like their food or not, you will keep coming back because of the fact that you know that they have so much more to offer rather than what you'll usually prefer. It intrigues you and actually compels you to try again.
9. I will take about 29 selfies and deletes 30 of them, if that makes sense. Although I'm sure it does for those who love taking selfies like me.
10. I've learned this the hard way a few years ago and I swear by it, in order for an ideal relationship to happen between 2 people, learn to feel for two people rather than just one. Whenever someone asks me for love advice, this is all what I say to them all the time.
11. Today was actually the very first time I dyed my own hair and also the first time I colored my hair when it is long. I usually have short colored hair and if my hair's long, I don't bother coloring it anymore, a habit that I would wanna change starting today all because I love coloring my hair, it expresses myself more.

Phew! 11 facts about me done and probably one of the hardest things for me to do is describing myself (should have included that in the list). So before I list down the nominees, here are the rules and also would guide you if you are new to this tag / award:

  • Post the Liebster Award photo above on your blog. Whether it'll be in a post or in a widget would be fine.
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award to you along with a link to their blog | |
  • Include 11 random facts about yourself on your post.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers that you'd want to get to know more.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees another set of 11 questions (it could be the same questions or not, it's entirely up to you)

11 Questions From Me To You:

1. When was one moment where you felt like your most beautiful / most handsome self and why?
2. Do you play online games? If so, what is it? (Hoping I'd bump into you in some games)
3. Pants or Sweats?
4. What is one trivia or fact that you always remember or has always come in handy to you?
5. If you could be anywhere at this moment, where would it be?
6. Pick up any book closest to you and turn to page 54, the 1st sentence you see is now your love story, what is it?
7. If someone is performing a pet peeve of yours, would you speak up?
8. If you could be famous for anything but you would only have to pick 1, what is it? (eg. singer, actor, youtuber, blogger etc.)
9. What was one cartoon or anime that taught you real good life lessons when you were younger?
10. What is your weirdest talent?
11. What is one advice you would give to a new blogger?

It's nominees time! 
You guys are amazing and you deserve this award:

1. Tang QiaoQiao from Try Dream A Little Dream
2. Helen from Lucky Citrine
3. Tellie from Beauty By Tellie
4. Yue Rain from GREAT SKIN&LIFE
7. Julz from As Told By Julz
8. Janica from Beauty Thoughts
9. Diwata Luna from The Clothes Muse
10. Karen from Karen's Life And Passion
11. Celine from The Crimson Palette

11 Questions from Andrea Santos
Thank you for nominating me | Do check out her blog, she is fabulous! 

1. Favorite Past Time?
♥ My favorite past time would have to be gaming or reading. Any of those two will entertain me for the whole day no matter the weather or if I'm sick or not (lol).

2.Who is your celebrity crush?
♥ My celebrity crush would have to be Ryan Gosling. He just has this appeal that would make you feel that you are the prettiest girl if he ever lays eyes on you. Well, he doesn't know I exist but I could only assume that its a possibility for that to happen. He is just gorgeous!

3. If you had to pick one fruit to eat for your whole life, what would it be?
♥ Bananas hands down. It is soft and it worked well for me having my braces and I never get tired of it's taste. 

4. Would you rather sky-dive or go bungee-jumping on a towering cliff? 
♥ My goodness that's hard. I'd wanna do both honestly. But if I had to choose just one then I'd go sky-dive. I'm always fascinated by the idea and my friend's posting their pictures doing it and it just encourages me to really go and try it.

5. What is your favorite feature on yourself?
♥ My favorite feature would have to be my mole on my left cheek (my left xD). I honestly used to really hate it because of how often I get teased for having one. As I grew up I just felt like it became an asset and a way to easily distinguish me from other girls. In other words, helps me to feel unique.

6. If you were given an opportunity to go to the moon, would you?
♥ Well first I'd make sure that I would be able to go back,  then I definitely would.

7. If you were offered P1,000 / $1,000, which clothing / beauty brand will you go to shop first?
♥ Oh my god, if it's $1,000 then I'd definitely go crazy at the Lush store. Well in all honesty just going inside their store is satisfying! I do wish I could make my house smell like a Lush store.

8. Would you rather eat a lizard or a cockroach (this is appalling I know! hahahaha)
♥ I'd go for lizard. I don't know why I chose that I just feel like I would if it comes down to it. xD

9. What was your most embarrassing moment? 
♥ My most embarrassing moment, I have quite a ton of these that It'll take me a moment to respond. (After 10 minutes and reading an old journal) I think that it is when I was a freshmen in high school, I was walking out of the school and I saw this senior guy that I had a crush on. We've been talking for awhile and became close friends, I saw him wave and I wave back while still walking. Not noticing that there's a 2-step stairs infront of me, I missed it and tripped while having my crush have a full view of what happened. I got up and saw him laughing. Although it is quite funny to me now, but I would really not want to experience it ever again.

10. If you could eat at any restaurant for one whole year, what would it be?
♥ Shakeys o.o! I am so comfortable in this restaurant that when I go out, I always find myself eating at this place. Probably one of my guilty pleasures. 

11. The last movie you've watched is now your life story. What was that movie?
♥ I was re-watching the hunger games series just before I made this... crap.

That's about it and I hope that we do end up getting to know more of each other, work together and build a friendly relationship around us. Continue to share the love and take your time in answering the questions that I've provided for you guys to answer and add in 11 random facts about you. In other words, have fun and let loose on your post! I would love to see it.

Enjoy and take care. Continue to be an inspiration to everyone.

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  1. Hey dear, thanks for nominating me ~~ <3<3<3 Love u much


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