Friday, August 7, 2015

Birthday Haul!

Welcome back to my blog! If you're new here, Hi! I'm Joyce and today I will be showing all of you what I got for my birthday last August 5th. It's not really that much but I honestly wanted all of these and some are just necessities for me to get since I'm already at the mall.

So first I went to H&M and just got 1 item which is...

If you guys read my June favorites this year, I got the black version of this exact shirt and I have been wearing it all the time, but at that time, they didn't really have any other colors other than black, so when I saw this, I just instantly got it and I love it just as much as I love my black version of this. It is P499 ($10.90)
Next, I went and did a little damage at forever 21..

So I got myself just one of this basic white top because I have a lot of these but I don't have the white one. And sometimes, when I do some mix and matches on my wardrobe especially with my cardigans, I always don't have a really nice white top underneath. Or just maybe put on a simple and clean looking top when it's really hot. This costs P165 ($3.60)
This faded jean shorts was something I've been looking for awhile but whenever I went to the mall, I just couldn't find one exactly like it and when I saw this, I just knew I had to get it plus it was on 50% off so that just really made me so happy because I did need a new pair of shorts since it is super hot in the Philippines and these are exactly what I wear most days. The price of this was originally P1,015 ($22.17) but after the 50% off it was P507.50 ($11.09)

The last clothing piece that I got from Forever 21 is this casual / Bomber jacket. It is leather and I don't care if it is currently super hot here in the Philippines, I just really wanted to own one for so long but it was always too expensive, or if you find a cheaper one, then it would most likely have an awful design or bad quality. I was delighted to see that this was also on 50% off so I tried it on, loved it, bought it. No regrets at all! I'll find some time to actually wear this, I just know it! The price of this jacket was originally P2,055 ($44.89) after the 50% off it was P1027.50 ($22.43).

For accessories, some of what they had there was buy 1 take 1 and just my luck, it was their last day so I got this ring that has a heart and small silver stud that has this little chain connecting to the smaller sized ring that has a dangling stud too. And then the necklace is just like a bar that has some silver jewels in it. The price was based on the higher priced item which was the necklace that costs P139 ($3.04)

So by this time, I was actually getting tired already, (I so need to be alot more fit) so I got myself some drugstore items since I was already there. 

Alright so I got myself some new stocks of the iWhite Nose Pack. This worked wonders for me and my brother so I bought 5 of the small packs which is 3.5ml and a piece costs P18 ($0.39) because I can't get it anywhere near my place anymore, from what I heard it's always sold out. 

Next I got myself a new makeup remover and it is the Purederm Argan Oil makeup remover cleansing towelettes. It has 30 Wet towelettes inside and costs only P79.75 ($1.74) and from trying it for a few times, it removes my whole face makeup even those hard to remove eye makeup with just a few light swipes on my face. So I like this and will definitely be purchasing more when I get the chance. 
I also got myself a moisturizer, the Myra E Daily Sun Protection Moisturizer that has SPF 15 and is 50ml. This costs P99.75 ($2.18). I have used this before when I was addicted to biking and pretty much went out even if the sun is at it's highest. This worked great for me although I stopped that time because I wasn't sure if this was the product that broke me out or my cleanser. I never really knew which one since I started to use new products since then but I am now giving it another chance.

I got a white eyeliner because I've been seeing this trend with using white instead of black ones for the waterline on their eyes and decided to try it myself. I got the Fashion 21 Color Pen '99- White and it costs P85 ($1.86). It is a double end eyeliner which one side is the actual pencil and the other side is a smudger brush. After using this on the day of my birthday, I think that it actually survived the hot weather and didn't really run all over my face.. unless I'm missing something because it's white? Well, I'm pretty happy with it and the product feels so creamy that I don't actually have to push it into my waterline so much just to have it visible and the smudger brush is also useful for smudging the eyeshadow.
And this product, I actually put this on my wish list a few weeks ago and I am super happy that I finally got it and currently playing with it. It is the ORLY Matte Top Coat and it costs P499 ($10.90). I won't be saying much about this product at the moment because I will be doing a separate review for it, all I could say is that I'm excited to actually try it on other colors and how long it would lasts on me. 

Lastly, before heading home, I went to Hortaleza to pick up some hair bleach (Yes, I decided to finally go and do it - Sadly though, I threw away the pack before I could take a picture of it but the brand was Medea P18  = $0.39) I did a ombre / balayage type / style on my hair and it did turn out orange and I will be repeating the process next week and hopefully I'll achieve the color that I want by then. Then I also got myself a cute little blending sponge, it's pink and the brand was actually in Japanese so I didn't understand it, but for sure other Hortaleza branches would have these. I never owned a little sponge like this and the actual ones that I see everybody use costs so much but this one, I only got it for P59 ($1.29). So far, I'm having a really hard time cleaning it but I will say more soon after I get to play with it more. 

I also got some other personal necessities and also a dozen of donuts at Krispy Kreme and my black forest cake at Red Ribbon. 

So that has been the things that I got myself for my birthday (Read my Birthday Tag HERE) and if you guys have the same stuff or tried the things that I actually mentioned here, do leave a comment to tell me your experience or if you have questions for me about these products too and I'll try my best to answer your questions. 

I will be posting I think 1 or 2 more birthday themed ones so stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading and until the next blog!

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