Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Has Blogging Done For Me? || 1st Blogiversary!

Today marks the day of my 1st blog anniversary and I'm very happy that I achieved something like this and that I had good things come out of it so I will be sharing it to you guys to hopefully inspire you if you are blogging or about to start blogging. It is never too late to create memories and experiences you would want to remember. 

  • Being able to track my products in my vanity, my spending and my savings.
I am one of those people who usually doesn't keep track or don't remember all the things inside my vanity so when I started blogging, when I'm trying to find something or wanna buy something, I scroll through my blog to see if I have the same thing that I'm looking for. Why can't I just go through my vanity and search it? Well, sometimes I forget how much were each of the products were and usually when I do hauls, I mention the price of each of them and where did I get them which I found very useful when somebody asks me about it.
  • Being aware of what's new in the market.
When you start being passionate about blogging, you tend to search for more resources out there that would help you on what you need and that includes being aware of what to look forward to because you wanna be able to be knowledgeable on something that is in your field.
  • Being aware of sales or good deals.
We probably all made the mistake of diving in and getting something somewhere we feel is the only place that we're gonna get it. Sometimes though, we're wrong because there are other places that sell the same thing lesser or maybe half the price. 
Friendly tip: When online shopping on big / known stores, try and add something in your cart but don't buy it yet. Leave it for a few hours or a day and when you scroll through some blogs, websites or all around google, you will find ads or deals that offer you discounted price based on the item you have on your cart.
  • I've been sent products to try out that I would have never picked up myself.
I've experienced several of these that made me so open minded into trying out new products for myself. I wasn't really adventurous before and after I got sent some products to review about, I found that there are some brands or products out there that are definitely good but most people don't know about. I gladly share most of them on my blog and continue to use what I already like.
  • Meet and talk with people who have the same passion as me.
The blogging world is a very big world. I was immensely intimidated when I started out because once you go around all these other people's blogs and around the communities, you would see that there are groups of people who already know each other either in person or just through blogging and that scared me because I thought that I won't have the opportunity to step in and get to meet people and boy was I wrong. Like what I said, blogging is a big world and there will always be someone like you who are open to becoming friends, sharing each other's passion, and maybe join the already existing group of blogging friends. There is no competition because there is room for everybody.
  • Knowing which product is hot or what to pass up.
When you're blogging about a specific topic, niche etc. You get very meticulous on what you think about certain things. I find this very hard to explain but you will have that sense in you that you'll know that this is gonna be hot and what will not. Knowing where to find good reviews about it helps a lot too because you know your way around the blogging world that you know where to find the authentic ones. 

  • Being able to get my voice out there to inspire other people.
This one for me never gets old. I was never really a good example of the good kid, I wasn't the prettiest, smartest nor the kindest of my peers so nobody really sought-after me for advice on such things so, when I started to blog and told everybody about my experiences, stories and my opinions that happened in my life, I started to get messages from people who read my content that I helped them and they could relate to me and I know that it came from a genuine place too. It made me teary eyed everytime because I'm so happy I was able to do that for them because as I was going through some of the things that I said on this blog, I wish I had someone to look for advice on back then. I wish somebody would've told me different and how it really is. I probably wouldn't have listened not gonna lie, but at least I knew what to expect and that I had a choice. I'm happy that I made a difference in somebody's life and that I think is the greatest thing that I gained from blogging.

I could honestly still go on about how blogging has become a big part of who I am today and I'm very thankful for that. It's been a blessing that I know I worked and continue to work hard for and having a good amount of recognition from people who actually reads your work is one of the best things so I thank all of you guys too. 

I know that there is still so much for me to learn and so much I wanna do that I just know that blogging will become such an adventure for me and hopefully you'll still be there when I do that. But like what I said, take it a day at a time. Look back to reflect but do not come back. 


  1. Aww the last point was really touching. You're a really inspiring lady, Joyce. I enjoy reading all your blog posts <3 Happy 1st blog anniversary!

    ♥ Nana's Notebook

    1. Thanks so much! It means so much to me :)

  2. this makes me motivated on doing my vlog! thank you :D

  3. I invite you to me!

  4. Lovely post! Maybe we could follow each other on GFC? If yes, follow me and I follow back as soon as I see it.
    Let me know with a comment on my Blog



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