Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Haul | Lush, Stila, H&M, F21 and more!

I am guilty of going out to go shopping once again. But, I feel that I needed these things so here they are. (I do need them! I do!)

For the drugstore, I only picked up 2 items and those are both nail polishes. 1 is the Chic Nail Color from the Summer Love Collection (with Kathryn Bernardo's name on it) in the shade Lollipop P33 ($0.71 USD) and the other one is from the Kath-queen Collection in the shade Tsarina (Also from the brand Chic) P33 ($0.71 USD). I just feel that I needed some new colors in my collection (which I really should be organizing).

From Lush, I got the Daddy-O Shampoo  100g P445 ($9.58 USD). So I recently (for the past month) have colored and bleached my hair so I now need a purple shampoo to prevent my blondes from going brassy. Though, it says on the bottle that this works for brunettes too and since I have an ombre styled color, I will see how this one would go. And also, is it just me or are purple shampoos hard to find in the Philippines?

From Stila, I got the infamous Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black P745 ($16.03 USD). I used to actually skip the part of doing eyeliners because of how I hate it when it fades throughout the day. A friend of mine recommended me to try this out so I got it today and would make a review on it once I start to use it for a few days / weeks.

From H&M, they were having a huge sale but I only got to pick out one that I actually love and it is these Super Skinny Ankle Jeans that are ripped in the knee section. It's original price was P1690 ($36.37 USD) and I got it for P700 ($15.06 USD). Usually, I'm not much of a jeans person all because I keep complaining on how I kinda feel restricted to move and because it feels so hot, especially with the weather today. But, I do notice that I do need them for some occasions or places that I go to.

In Forever 21, they were also having a sale and I bought 2 tops that I would use as a part of an everyday style and for a special occasion style. 1st one I got is this long navy blue shirt and when I try it on, it kinda looks like a mini dress on me which I think looks great to throw on with shorts or tights if I'm gonna go do some errands but would still look put together. The original price was P655 ($14.09 USD) and I got it for P449 ($9.66 USD).

Another top from Forever 21 is this White Knit Top and a see-through section at the back. I do admit that this may look a little too hot to wear, but when I tried it on, it wasn't really that bad. Although, I would still recommend wearing this during a cooler weather or if I'm heading to a place with air conditioning. The original price was P805 ($17.32 USD) and I got it for P559 ($12.03 USD)

And lastly, I picked up a new hobby which is lettering / painting. So I got myself this Prang Water Color P459 ($9.88 USD) from National Bookstore. It has 16 colors and comes with it's own fine tip brush. This was the last one that they had at the SM Megamall Branch today so lucky me! Although, when I did check the Shangri-la Rustan's National Bookstore, they had more stocks + they also had the Oval-8 set which was P250 ($5.38 USD). Oh well, I just got excited when I saw this so.. yeap.

That is it for my haul, do comment down below if you have already tried out any of these products and how did you like them? Or if you have any more questions, suggestions or request just leave it below and I'll be sure to reply once I see it.

And that reminds me, what shop do you tend to go 1st whenever you go to the mall?

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