Sunday, September 6, 2015

Drugstore Haul

So I know I just had a haul about a week ago, but I happen to go by the mall again today, (Yesterday since you're reading it now) and I picked up some pretty cool stuff that I really need. So yeap, here they are:

I'm pretty sure most of you are expecting some beauty products but I just had to include this because it reminds me so much of what I used to wear back in high school for school and it is these Solemate Black Flats and these are P199.75 ($4.24). Besides from the nostalgia, I actually got it because my black flats are starting to break and I know that I would need to replace it pretty soon. So, when I saw these, I just went ahead and got them plus they're really cheap.

Pantene Total Damage Care 10 and I actually already got this, but I used them all up yesterday all because I made a DIY hair toner (Will post more about that soon) so I got another one and this one is now for daily use. This costs P115 ($2.54).

The Body Treats Oil Control.. wipes I wanna say? These costs about P99 and I got it because I just don't have one so I'll give this one a try.

So, Beauty Tools, First I got the Watson's Eyebrow Razors P79 ($1.68) for all three because again, I used up all of mine and I had to repurchase them and it's good quality.

Next is the Cuticle Remover P49.75 ($1.06) and I admit, I love doing my nails but I never ever owned one of these and I'm always fascinated on watching other people use it so I decided to get myself one and have a nail session after I post this.

The Facial Hair Remover (Spring) P89 ($1.90) Another product that I never owned or used before but I have seen these babies around on youtube where some girls use this for their 'stache. I was actually gonna purchase one way back, but I never really found it in stores until today, so I got them and I'll give them a try.

I admit that I have been browsing through brushes the longest from my trip and one of them that I got is the Elf Eye Blending Brush and I do not have a brush like this plus it was pretty cheap P149.75 ($3.19), well cheapest that I saw and I have heard alot of people recommending this brush because I guess it's that good, so I'm pretty excited to try this one out.

Marionnaud N37 Pointed Eyeshadow Brush P89.75 ($1.91), I had one of these before but I lost it for I don't know what reason so I got it again today and I can tell you that I actually like this brush, but then again I have never tried out other brands for a brush like this. All I know is that whenever I use this, I get the results that I want so I'm satisfied with it.

Another Marionnaud brush and it is the Marionnaud N32 Slanted Blusher Brush P109 ($2.32) and this was actually on sale, I forgot how much was the old price but I actually needed a brush like this for contouring since I use my foundation brush to apply my contour before. I like that it's so soft and I feel like using it right now (I may or may not be stroking it on my face as I'm typing this)

For makeup I got 2 products and this one, I am not that familiar with the brand name but as I was browsing through all their products, I noticed that all of what they have there are super cheap so I picked one up and it is the lol (Lots Of Love) Bronzing Powder in 02 Brown Sugar P139 ($2.96). They only have 2 bronzer shades and this one is the matte type and the other which I think may be the 01 is a shimmery type. I got this because I am in a matte phase and if you read most of my blog posts, you would know how much matte stuff I own by now.

Lastly, I didn't actually got this today since I got this one at an online shop which is @bodyrockers_ph on Instagram and it is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, they sell them for P350 ($7.46). I got this because of all the people raving about this brand and some of my friends has asked me to try it because they are inlove with this product. I will do a separate review for this product soon, so all I could say is that I'm pretty excited to give this a go.

So those are all the products that I got for today and I seriously need to sort out my makeup collection because it is a mess at the moment so if you have any suggestions for makeup cases or brushes or lipstick then comment down below so you could help me (please) and if you have any more questions do not be shy, I will be replying to them as soon as I see them.

Thanks for reading and until the next blog!



  1. I'm eyeing that Rimmel London lipstick in Instagram for the longest time. Will wait for your review. :)

    1. Ikr, it is kinda hard to find an online seller. Anyway, I'll be posting the review soon, just making some changes so be sure to follow me on instagram / twitter / bloglovin for updates :D


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