Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monthly Favorites [June 2015]

Yes! It is monthly favorites time! This is probably my most favorite thing to blog about because I prepare quite a lot for it and really think about the things I've been obsessing on. And I also like watching or reading about favorites because I end up with a really long list of things to get my hands on, so if I do the same to you, I apologize. So this month hasn't really been a shopping month for me since I just bought 1 or 2 products this month but all of these are what I kept using repeatedly throughout June. Let's get started!

Alright, The Guess Seductive "I'm Yours" Perfume. So as you guys could see I almost finished up the bottle because it is just so good that I never leave home without it sprayed on me and yes, going out and walking around the subdivision counts. I am just super obsessed with this. 

Price and where did I buy it?
I didn't, my mom did and she just sent it to me all the way from Israel. And since it's a gift, I don't know how much was it. But in Amazon it says that it is $30.98.

Why is it my favorite? Because besides from me obsessing over it, my friends just said that I smelled unique and they like it. Very fragrant but not too overpowering and it lasts on me all day even if I'm sweating so badly.

The Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in 03 Patina. So this liquid lipstick is now my holy grail lipstick ever! I had so much doubts before I even got it because of my dry lips, but after trying it out, it was no longer an issue to me. The color is amazing on every skin type and I honestly will wanna get the other colors too like Aria and Beso. I also did a review about this product and you can read about it HERE.

Price and where did I buy it?P1,250 ($27.71) at Rustan's Shangri-la Mall. Yeap a bit overpriced here compared to other countries who only have them for about $22.

Why is it your favorite? Well besides of it being actually moisturizing and has an amazing color, it really lasts on your lips all day! I wouldn't really have to worry about it coloring my teeth because it doesn't bleed or transfer and it has a matte finish. 

Moving on, This is a bag from Parisian. It doesn't really have a name (or I just couldn't find it on their site) but for me it looks amazing. I have been using this bag everyday ever since I bought it and I would say, it is totally worth the price.

Price and where did I buy it?
P1,000 ($22.12) at the SM Department Store in SM Megamall. 

Why is it my favorite? This bag is pretty cheap compared to the other bags out there that probably looks exactly the same as this, I love and hate the fact that you can't really open the bag easily, so you won't have to worry about other people sticking their hand inside your bag when you carry this around. It is super cute and I've been looking everywhere for a bag like this but the bags I usually find are way too expensive and way too small. This one is pretty much a decent size since I have a bad habit of carrying so much stuff whenever I leave the house. 

Omigosh, I got this dress from Forever 21 and have been loving it ever since. The dress ends a little higher above the knee and the sleeves end above your elbow. It also has a little black ribbon in the middle that doesn't run so you won't have to worry about ruining it.

Price and where did I buy it?
P1,275 ($28.20) at Forever 21 in SM Megamall

Why is it my favorite? It looks super cute alone and then when I wear it, it flatters my body type without it being too tight, too short or too baggy. It really fits perfectly and I am finding every excuse for me to wear it. It isn't too dressy and can be worn as an everyday dress.

I have been practically living in this shirt for the longest time. When I'm done with it, I wash it and when its dry, I wear it again. Everybody notices it due to my selfie taking with this as my shirt. I don't mind. I love it.

Price and where did I buy it?
P499 ($11.04) at H&M in SM Megamall

Why is it my favorite? Because it is super comfy even if it is super hot right now in the Philippines, wearing this won't really make me wanna take it off, it works well with the weather. I love stripes and I think that it looks great on me. If H&M had different colors of these, I for sure would get them. Sadly they only had black which I'm not complaining, I love black anyway xD.

For snacks, I am very much addicted to Puto Seko. It is a Filipino rice-based cookie. I have been loving this since I was a kid but I stopped for awhile for I don't know what reason but recently find myself reaching out for it everytime me and my brother head to the groceries.

Price and where did I buy it?
P20 ($0.44) at Shopwise

Why is it my favorite? I just love how it just melts in your mouth and no need for you to keep biting it as if its a jawbreaker. I don't necessarily have a favorite brand or recipe for it, as long as I hear it is Puto Seko, then I'm down. I love snacking on these. 

Lastly, Music. Last month I was addicted to listening to Zella Day on a loop (And I still do until today) but now I am loving Tove Lo's Truth Serum album too! This and Zella Day's Kicker album songs are on my most played list on my ipad.

Why is it my favorite? Because for me her voice and her lyrics are quite unique but aren't really that deep. My friends didn't knew who Zella Day was and when I made them listen, they said I was darn too deep and then when I talked about Tove Lo, They just loved her. I can't even explain more on why I love it, just go listen and you'll know what I mean. 

So that has been my favorites for the month of June 2015. Are anyone of these things your favorite too? Hit the comment section below to tell me what was your favorites for this month because honestly, I love love love favorites and could go on all day just watching and reading other people's post about it. 

Thanks for reading! Until the next blog.

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