Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My review on : Flormar Matte nail enamel ( Nail Polish )

Welcome back to my blog guys!

Today i'm doing a review about the new nail polish i am raving about. 

It is the Flormar Matte nail enamel in the color MO3 Elegant Gray.

(The one on the left) I've bought them at Watsons SM Megamall and I think they were about 149 PHP or 179 PHP.

I've wanted matte nails ever since I 1st saw them on tumblr. This color may not be a full on black but its pretty close and looks really nice too. I've got people asking me where I had them done or where I got it. 

So I have been using and testing it for 2 weeks now and I've gotta say I am loving matte nails. Its super fast to dry and I don't need a top coat. Altho, the only downside of the polish is that.. The matte quality doesn't really last that long. I don't know if its just me but this is a photo of my nails with this polish after a week or so:

So seeing the comparisons, it is abit different from when I 1st applied it. I always ruin my nails by doing the dishes and laundry but was kinda disappointed when the matte was starting to have gloss in it. But other than that it is great, its pretty much the only matte polish that I could find that is near from where I live in. And I will try the other colors soon. From what I've seen they got a purple (darker than what I showed you on the picture at the start), sky blue, red and pink. 

I'm still also searching for other matte polishes so let me know when you guys find some in PH!

*continues to paint left hand nails*
Rings - Cotton On. SM Megamall. 199 PHP
Leopard Pajama bottoms - Gift from my mom from Israel.

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