Thursday, November 12, 2015

8 Things I Must Do When I Go To The Mall

I am a firm believer that no matter what gender or age you are, you have a routine when you head to the mall. It kinda depends on which mall too but there are habits that you just can't seem to get rid of no matter what mall you're at. Maybe you're even doing something that you aren't even aware that you keep doing. Confused yet? Well, let me give you a hint of what they may be so here are mine: 

  • Heading to the Makeup aisle and swatching everything that you can reach.
I would be a liar if I didn't include this here. I am one of those girls who would have loads of colors on their hands and brings makeup remover wipes on her purse. This happens every single time that my brother finds somewhere to sit and wait for me to be done.
  • Eat Ice cream
It doesn't really matter what brand of ice cream it is. I just have to have it. This is my go-to snack because I don't have to worry about taking my retainers out plus it doesn't make a mess. Unless I spill of course. 

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  • Check in at Social media
I adopted this habit when I realized that sometimes, friends or people you get along with is at the same place as you are. Happened quite a few times with me and all I could think about was "dang, would've been fun to have met them there". So yea, I check in and if someone wants to hang out then they could meet you.
  • Take Selfies
Seriously though, lighting at the mall is hella nice so I personally couldn't resist taking a snap or 2 or 10. Just remember to not block anyone's way while doing so.

  • Buy bottled water
I do this every single time and you might be thinking why can't I just bring my own water on my purse? Well, I always forget to do so. So, I end up buying one during my mall trip.
  • Go to the bookstore to check out new magazines and books
Ever since I became a blogger, I became really addicted with magazines especially the ones that involves cosmetics or fashion (Cosmo, preview, candy etc.) and then check out the books so I would have something new to add on my list to read or actually get a new read.
  • Checking the price of gadgets I can't afford
Guilty pleasure right here. I like window shopping with gadgets because I'm really curious on how is it different with what I currently have and how much is it and I don't really know but I like testing it out too. And I always end up not buying anything.
  • Order Takeaway 
If you are the one who always ends up cooking at home, after a long day of walking around, I just can't get myself to cook anymore. So I order takeaway so I could just sit and eat and be done with the day.

How about you? Do you have "rituals" or must-do when you're at the mall? I can't possibly be the only one right.... right?


  1. I always end up spending most my time in the make up stores testing out all the lipsticks :)

    Lauren x |

  2. Mall ice cream just tastes better, I swear! I'm with you, lady! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. ikr! I can't even explain it but you are soooo right xD

  3. That seems like fun! I always take mirror selfies in stores! x

    Lina /

  4. hihi, now that problem with the ice cream and the swatches of makeup :D:D

  5. Haha this is silly. I love getting dip n dots instead of ice cream, though!

    Sara Kate Styling

  6. sounds like me;) special about ice cream;)

  7. Haha I'm always swatching in the stores! I end up with rainbow arms haha

    Rachel xx

    1. Lol rainbow arms XD sometimes I end up like that when I'm to into swatching

  8. I'm always in sephora trying on the newest lipstains and definitely taking selfies!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one...And every time I go to the mall I head to the food court because shopping always makes me hungry :x

    Lots of love,
    Kayla <3 Xx

    1. Glad I'm not the only one xD All I could say is, shopping is my cardio D:


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