Friday, September 11, 2015

Nail Polish Picks | Fall 2015

I honestly can't believe that I haven't done some nail polish picks ever, well besides monthly favorites where I just practically show 1 or 2 shades that I've been using the whole month. But today, I feel so inspired by fall.. or in the Philippines we now have the "tag-ulan" season. Being me I hoard alot of nail polishes. So narrowing them down to a few of what I'm about to show you for fall was pretty hard but after a few minutes of picking out each one, I'm happy with it. Most of them are in the "berry" side shade because I cannot explain why when I think of fall, I always think about that color. Note: Press the "♥♥♥" to be directed to the item I mentioned and for those without the hearts, I couldn't find them or their website.

1st color that I will include here is one that I featured on my August Favorites post and it is the Play by: Etude House #25 P128 ($2.73 USD). I love that this color is a somewhat a muave pink that I absolutely adore, for sure this is my favorite color not just in polishes. I think that it is quite perfect in matching the weather that we have right now but not too depressing and very feminine and calm to the eyes. ♥♥♥

A darker color is the Caronia Nail Polish in Summer Fling P37 ($0.79 USD). I think, compared to the 1st one that I showed you guys, this one is a lot more bolder and what you would expect to see quite a lot from girls everywhere you go. I always thought that Caronia Nail Polishes are the "on-the-go" nail polish because of how pigmented most of their products are. And like I said, It is a berry-red shade that I absolutely love to look at.

Out of everything that I showed you, I think this is the darkest of them all and it is the Flormar Matte Nail Polish in M10 Extreme Grape P179 ($3.82 USD) (I forgot exactly how much but it is more or less around that price I indicated). It's shade is almost similar to the Caronia one, but since this is matte, it is a bit more muted but will not wash you out. A perfect accessory if you are planning to go to events wherein  this would actually make you look like you made a bit more effort because of how flawless this polish looks on the nails. ♥♥♥

Next is the Paintbox Nail Polish from Bench in the color Nude P58 ($1.24 USD). The name speaks for itself although it does look quite abit more yellow-orange, I think that if you are wanting a nude pick but wouldn't wanna have identical colors as everybody else, then I suggest to try this out. It isn't a boring color and still manages to be simple, eye-catching and matches almost anything. Plus this has a vegan formula so for all cruelty free lovers out there, I recommend this nail polish line, I love it soooo much. ♥♥♥

Lastly is what I used to wear a lot and I'm deciding to bring it back and it is the Sassy colors nail polish in Frosted Sapphire P20 ($0.43 USD). This nail polish does need building up when you apply it because it isn't that pigmented which I am quite thankful for because that way, I can keep applying until I am satisfied without it looking overdone. The fact that it is frosted is what gives it a unique touch that I think is perfect if you are ever planning to go on a night out or you just wanna spice it up from the colors that you would usually wear.

Now tell me, what are your Nail Polish Picks this Fall season?

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