Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Bad Beauty Habits

Even if I love to use / play with makeup and experiment with a whole new beauty routine, I do have my fair share of bad habits that I must stop doing but still do anyway. I'm no professional but alot of people have told me to try and fix this because it bothers them that I keep doing it, but well, I kinda do change at first but after awhile, I do it all over again. I'm kinda neglecting listing them down because I know it's gonna be a ton. So here they are:

  • Bleached my hair after a week when I last bleached it. 
  • Not using any sort of heat protectant on my hair when I use a flat iron or a curling iron.
  • Forgetting to put on primer before doing a full face makeup.
  • During those days when I only do my eyebrows and then I forget to take it off before sleeping.
  • Waiting for my nail polish to be totally ruined before I remove it or change it.
  • Not really actually cleaning my nails but only change the nail polish.
  • I'm lazy to get haircuts, well, more like I don't want to. :)
  • I tend to sleep really late which is the reason I have such big dark under eye bags.
  • Buying new products even if I haven't finished using what I already have. 

Well, based on everything that I listed down, I really should do something about them. But anyway, I hope that I'm not alone in these, so tell me, what are your bad beauty habits?

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