Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Guilty Pleasures.

I've been thinking what should I blog about today and this thought suddenly came into my mind, I wonder if I should post about __? Knowing that it may be TMI and may come out of the blue, so what I thought about doing is I'm gonna share my top 10 guilty pleasures! Ranging from the simplest to probably disturbing habits I have. I know I'm not the only one...

1. I am guilty of yelling out "Wobbuffet!" when I'm home alone and then carry on whatever I'm doing.
2. I am addicted to watching reality shows, probably abit too much. (And yea, Keeping up with the Kardashians is on the top of my list).
3. I sometimes like to eat chips for breakfast and have breakfast meals for dinner. Imagine pancakes and hot choco.
4. I read or watch a lot of gossip shows or articles about celebrities. Whether it'll be a scandalous one or just their relationships.
5. I stalk some of my "ex-friends" and I don't know why I do it, I don't miss them but heeeey, I guess I wanted to know how they were doing xD.
6. Randomly dancing to spice girls in front of the mirror with a microphone (hairbrush) on my hand. But hey, I think that I upgraded! I used to do that with Hannah Montana songs when I was younger xD.
7. When I'm reading a book and imagine that I'm the heroin in the story, I tend to read some of the heroin's lines and pretend I'm doing the scene. What? I always dreamt of becoming an actress xD
8. I set my alarm a little early than what time actually I should be getting up, like if I wanted to wake up at 7 am, I set my clock to 6 am and I keep telling myself that I need 5 minutes more again and again until its really 7 am. I actually feel accomplished when I do that HAHA!
9. When I only have a few things to write about on my personal journal, I sometimes keep repeating stuff but emphasizing them a little bit differently than before, just so I could be able to fill up the page. In my defense, I would probably wanna know in detail why I was feeling like that in the future....well, nevermind.
10. I window shop online on different websites, but I still press the buy now button just to see what happens.. even though I'm not really buying it xD.

Okay, so I honestly expected myself to feel more embarrassed than excited. This was super fun and made me a little giggly as I was typing them all out. Now tell me, do any of you guys do these too? Or do you wanna share some of your own guilty pleasures? Comment down below to make me feel that I'm not alone with this ha!

Thanks for reading, Until the next blog!

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