Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Late Night Thoughts.

Good Evening (or Good Morning) Everybody!!

Its 1:41 a.m. Here in the Philippines and I've been trying to sleep since 11. I've noticed my iPad has blogger app and I've always thought about making a blog before but never really crossed my mind again until today. So yea I guess this is a good way to get started with blogging :D

I am Jojo, a 20 year old lady from the Philippines. I usually stay at home taking care of my brother, do house chores, gaming (Dragon Nest Sea), and just edit pictures, do GIF's and plan on making videos and write my own book. 

Ever since a kid, I've always loved reading. I just can't help but love the feeling that I can go to places and experience feelings and have thoughts that are well expressed through writing. even though I'm just sitting and reading. Its a nice escape from boredom, from personal problems, and also discover other things that you may not have encountered before. It makes you think about how important every detail there is around you, how one thing seems to exist with the other. 

I've written some short stories before but its all very personal. Some of them maybe fiction but I seem to have this fear of being criticized. I know that good or bad you will get criticized but I'm not sure if I could take it. But I guess now I am ready. And I'll probably just take baby steps. One step at a time. Whether or not I become successful one day, I'll just be thankful that I gave it a try. 

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