Sunday, December 27, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Hello everybody!

I feel super blessed this year because my family is complete, my mom is here to spend Christmas and new year with me and my brother and we get to go to out almost every other day. With that, comes numerous Christmas gifts that I received from my mom and friends. I'll start by the photo from the very top to the bottom.

Fujifilm X-A2 with 16-50 mm lens in the color pink, I have been using my Samsung S3 Mini overtime ever since I started blogging because I used that one for my photos and if you've owned one, you'd know that it really isn't the best quality camera phone. So, I looked around online to find a good camera that won't cost too much and I found this! And honestly, I didn't know they released new colors for this camera since I only knew that they had black (silver), white and brown and I was going to buy the black one but when I saw that they had pink, teal, yellow and orange, I was torn between choosing if I wanted the pink or teal one. But of course, I chose the pink camera. Really happy with this and have been playing around with it for a few days already so I could have higher quality photos. 

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume. This perfume used to be my everyday scent back in high school so I finished my big bottle up years ago. And now that I've finished up my current perfume collection, I asked for this one since I miss it and I lost my old bottle from moving around so much. I can't say much more about this because I do plan to review it soon so all I could say is that it's scent is very subtle but still noticeable. Attention grabbing without too overpowering. I'll have to update this once my review on it goes live.

Adidas Gym Bag. I don't really go often to the gym but if you've seen my "what's on my bag" post, you'd know that I love overpacking so much that I tend to break my bags easily. And my parisian purse isn't really lasting until next year so when my mom got me this, I can't deny that it was my favorite and that I sleep next to it (please tell me I'm not alone in this one). It has all the compartments that I need for everything and still has room for more. I never owned a bag in this color because I always opt for white, beige or black. So this is a nice change and I like it.

Guess Eye Glasses. I'm not sure how often I posted pictures of myself online using my old frame which really has no brand and was pretty cheap and it hurts my nose and my temple a lot so I knew that I had to change it. My mom got this for me and the first time I saw it, all I could say is I love the detail on this thing! It has a leopard print which doesn't look to overpowering and the guess logo on each side. It's simple but not ordinary. I had the lens changed to my sight at EO in Megamall.

Guess Wrist Watch. I admit that I do own lots of watches that I never use or don't change the batteries because I often forget that I have them. I have this weird habit of checking my phone for the time and not a watch. But I can't deny that this watch looks so simple and classy that I could use to either dress up or dress down an outfit. It doesn't clash with my look because of how clean and small it is. I could actually see myself using this religiously especially for the new year.

Guess Blue Purse. You probably noticed by now that I received a lot of things from Guess. It's because it's my mom's favorite and when we didn't have a lot of money before, whenever we went to the mall, we always window shopped at guess and my mom said that once she has money for herself, she will definitely splurge on that store since it is her style. I'm happy that now she manages to do that and also give me amazing things from there. Anyway, back to the purse, like I said, my parisian bag that I always use is about to get broken so my mom got me this as a replacement. It's smaller than my Adidas one since this is for light packing for when I head to somewhere that is pretty near or when I must not overpack. I love the studded design and how easy it is for me to grab and close the bag. It still has a good amount of compartments so I wouldn't have to let go of a ton of stuff.

Chocolates. I mentioned yesterday from my "Life Lately" post that we went to Duty Free. Well to be honest we didn't just buy chocolates. We bought some groceries there too and my brother's shoes from Adidas. I just took a photo of these because we did end up giving away some of them before, during and after Christmas to our friends. And the reason we have this many is because of the next gift that I received which was...

Kitkat Mini Fridge. This was actually free from buying 4 packs of either Crunch bars, Butterfinger, Babyruth, 100grand and kitkat. One "pasalubong" pack costs around $33 - $38 so it was abit pricey. It also came with 2 tumblers (I picked the Kitkat and the Crunch one) and 4 Tshirts (which I picked the Kitkat, babyruth and butterfinger design). This mini fridge looks like a toy but it actually maintains either the coolness or warmness of anything you place in it. You can plug it in your room or in your car since it has cables for them. 

Mac Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy. I've been actually wanting this color for awhile now but whenever I visit any mac stores, they always tell me that it's sold out. This is a lipstick that people describe as the "2015 shade" or the "Kylie Jenner shade" because of how nude but still noticeable it is. Again, I'll be doing a separate review on this one once I get to use it more often. 

Sandals / Slippers from Aldo, Nike and Converse. I'm a huge slippers wearer. I know that it doesn't go with every outfit but considering that I don't really go to far places for so long and if I do, I have slippers with me so I wear all of these a lot and below you'll see an image of my collection because like I said, I wear it everywhere. Outside or inside doesn't really matter. I love slippers!

Nike shirt and shorts. Another gift from my mom because while she was picking up shirts for my brother, she noticed these and she knew she had to get it for me because my go-to outfit is always a shirt and a pair of shorts. These are very cute and comfy and I'm very thankful that I have them.

So those are the gifts that I received this Christmas and I'm so thankful that I got this many eventhough I gave so many gifts too. I feel so blessed and contented. So Thank you mom and friends!

How about you, what did you receive this Christmas?


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