Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What 2015 Has Taught Me

With all the milestones reached, we learn different things about ourselves at a time that should be worth remembering

  • It's okay to walk away
  • Some people are just really not worth your time anymore. Just accept it and move on from them.
  • Take one step at a time or else you'll trip.
  • Remixes are only for the records.
  • Always plan ahead if you wanna know what to expect.
  • No matter how much you want something, give it a bit of time. If you still want it the next few days or weeks, then work for it and get it.
  • Do not overthink it. Sometimes it just means what it is.
  • Do not put something on the table that you don't want discussed.
  • It's okay to have a little help sometimes.
  • There will always be something unexpected coming your way.
  • Listen well when somebody's talking to you. Only talk when they need you to. Don't meddle and cause them to make decisions they'll take from you.
  • Don't decide for the future, decide what you want at this moment and everything else would fall into place. You have no control of what would happen except for what's already there for you to control.
  • Being literal and honest is sometimes the best answer to an awkward question or if you don't wanna get the same question asked again.


  1. I love this post, sometimes it is better to walk away from certain people/situations, it is crazy how much better your life can be without them/it.

    Lauren x |

    1. Yea, though it could be hard at first but you know within yourself that it's for the better for both of you.

  2. Very positive post, I like that.
    2015 has definitely taught me that anything can happen so long as you work hard for it to happen.

    Mika from

    1. 2015 was very challenging and I like what you've learned from that year because it is true and something that people just take for granted. I hope that you'll have a good 2016!


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