Friday, December 11, 2015

Alternatives For The Classic Christmas Gifts || Blogmas # 11

Every year, you know that you will either give or receive one of the classic gifts or what I'd like to call, the comfort zone choice. Well, this time you can spice it up by replacing the most gifted ones to actual ones that can be used and liked by the recipient. 

  • Coffee mug
Try making a hot chocolate ornament instead. They are all over pinterest right now or you could simply browse through google on how to make one. Really a cute gift that is definitely on trend right now. 
  • Socks
Try Christmas stockings with treats inside. Not necessarily have to be food but maybe some handmade bracelets, travel sized makeup or bath products, pretty much any small things to fill it up.
  • Framed photo
It can be any image of him or her but edit it out using photoshop. Add some unique effects that you won't normally see them use (eg. give them a twin or manipulate the photo by adding in more creative shots in it) but you're sure they'll appreciate. And you can simply add more touches to the frame. It's your chance to get creative!
  • Wallet
Why not add some personal touches to it? I know I did when I found a shop that would help you put your design into either a bag or a little pouch. Their instagram account is myriadprintconcepts or check out my post here to know more.
  • Journal
I know I received some of these through the years but so far I have been loving themed journals which gives you something to do or answer daily like my Q&A A day, 5 year journal. A gift to be enjoyed for awhile if the recipient is into journaling. Click here to know more about this journal.

Sometimes you just gotta not overthink it but work around it. It's not like you're giving gifts everyday so try not to be basic and enjoy!


  1. Ohhh I REALLY love the journal idea! These are all great alternative gift ideas with a creative spin that loved ones will enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

    (And I'm totally doing the journal idea for my little sister)

    1. Ohhhh she is gonna love it! Well you know what they say, a classic is a classic because it works :D


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