Tuesday, December 1, 2015

40 Blogmas Post Ideas || Blogmas # 1

Merry blogmas everybody! If you are planning to participate on doing blogmas this year but have no idea what to post then don't worry! I've got you covered! 

What is blogmas?

If you watch videos on youtube a lot, you'd know what vlogmas is, it's when youtubers post video blogs every single day until Christmas about how they prepare for Christmas or Christmas themed videos. It is the same thing with bloggers but we call it "blogmas".

Sounds fun right? Here are a few ideas if you're planning to join in or if you're a beginner.

  1. DIY Christmas gifts
  2. DIY Christmas decorations.
  3. DIY Christmas Advent calendar.
  4. Christmas movies
  5. Christmas songs.
  6. Christmas books.
  7. Christmas Wishlist.
  8. How you usually spend Christmas?
  9. Christmas / Holiday recipes.
  10. Stocking stuffers ideas.
  11. Letter to your younger self, Christmas day.
  12. Gift Wrapping ideas / gift wrapping process
  13. How do you think this Christmas will be different from last Christmas?
  14. Do a classic song challenge. eg: All I want for Christmas is _, _ is coming to town, 
  15. Show off your ugly Christmas sweater. (I really don't think they're ugly though)
  16. Christmas shopping experience
  17. Last minute gift ideas
  18. Your Christmas traditions.
  19. Christmas essentials (beauty, travel etc.)
  20. Christmas or Holiday makeup.
  21. Christmas or Holiday outfit.
  22. Christmas tree reveal.
  23. Christmas nail art or painting.
  24. React to old Christmas photos.
  25. Cheap Christmas gift ideas.
  26. How to throw an amazing Christmas party.
  27. Secret santa gift ideas.
  28. All things red/green/white (Christmas color theme).
  29. Christmas shopping survival guide.
  30. Letter to Santa.
  31. Your least favorite thing about Christmas?
  32. Why do you think you should be on the nice and not in the naughty list?
  33. How will you give love on Christmas day?
  34. Christmas haul
  35. Christmas design or decoration inspiration.
  36. Christmas jokes
  37. Local shops recommendations for Christmas gifts.
  38. Vlogmas to watch or Blogmas to read.
  39. Christmas themed games.
  40. Christmas Quotes.
Hope that this has been helpful for you and if you're doing blogmas, do link your blog below so I could check it out myself too!


  1. Great ideas! Very helpful

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. Nice blog post, great ideas


  3. Such a great post, dear. Lovely things


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