Sunday, December 6, 2015

12 Ways On How To Feel Festive This Christmas || Blogmas # 6

You maybe or usually don't like celebrating Christmas which is cool but then you suddenly realize that you want that to change and now you wanna get into the Holiday spirit for a change. So let me help you with that since I'm all about the Christmas season.

  • Listen or start playing Christmas music and sing along to them.
  • Read some blogmas posts.
  • Watch some vlogmas videos on youtube.
  • Make some holiday themed treats.
  • If you got the money, buy someone or your family a gift.
  • Watch some Christmas movies.
  • Decorate at least one space of your home with Christmas items.
  • Countdown the days 'till Christmas.
  • Dress up with your Christmas clothing. (eg. Christmas sweaters)
  • Do some charity work to make someone else happy this Christmas.
  • Look through old Christmas photos or videos.
  • Arrange or help arrange a Christmas party with your family or friends.

I hope that I didn't disappoint and no matter how you spend your Christmas, just never forget why the occasion exists. Spread the joy and the love and be thankful of what you already have. 


  1. There's nothing that gets me more in the mood for Christmas than putting on my christmas jumper (and then drinking some mulled wine haha)!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. That sounds amazing! thanks for sharing. :D


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