Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Treats DIY | 2015

I've been browsing around Pinterest for some Halloween inspiration since September and I came across a photo (I can't seem to find it on Pinterest at the moment but I'll upload it below.) and decided to make something like that and also add in some of my own style.

This image isn't mine, it's from Pinterest and what inspired me to make this DIY.

What You'll Need:

  • Marshmallows. I'm using a pack of Essential Everyday Miniature Marshmallows from Shopwise for P99 (2.13 USD).
  • Cheese Curls or Balls. I'm using POMPOMS and it was P17 (0.37 USD) a pack from Budgetlane.
  • Small Plastic Bags. I'm using the size 1 1/2 x 10 from the brand White Horse and it was P9 (0.19 USD) from Budgetlane.
  • A Sharpie. from National Bookstore.
  • Ball of black yarn. P12 (0.26 USD) from National Bookstore.
  • Bowl
  • Spoon


  1. Grab a clean bowl or any container to put your treats in and a spoon.
  2. Place all the treats into the bowl. Be sure to have separate ones for each kind of treat.
  3. Start putting in decent amount of treats inside the plastic bag. Make sure they're all the same amount or size. 
  4. Tie it up and do the same until all treats are gone. 
  5. Grab your sharpie and start drawing eyes, nose and mouth on the plastic bag with treats inside. This would depend on what design you'd want. I decided that I wanted to do a ghost and a jack-o' lantern so I did that and placed it on a empty surface and wait for the drawing to dry. Repeat until all treats are done.
  6. For the finishing touch, cut small pieces of yarn (I didn't have a specific measurement of how long I used for mine) depending on how long you'd want it to be and tie a ribbon for each treat. And now you're done!

So I hope that this has been helpful to you if you were finding a last minute Halloween treat to do that is easy and creative. I love trick or treating so I will not deny that I made hundreds of these (around 200 or so pieces) for kids in our subdivision. And do comment down below what is your favorite Halloween treat!  

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